Boy, 9, survives fall from fifth-storey flat

Boy, 9, survives fall from fifth-storey flat

A nine-year-old boy fell from his family's fifth-storey flat in Jurong West on Wednesday and survived.

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Boy, 9, survives fall from fifth-storey flat

Yao Yi Min, a Primary 4 pupil at Westgrove Primary School, is believed to have been climbing out of the living room window into his bedroom window after he was accidentally locked out of the bedroom. But he lost his footing and plunged five floors.

He is in intensive care at the National University Hospital, with a cast on his neck, and injuries to his jaw, ribs and leg.

His father, Mr Yao, said that his condition is stable and he is recovering, but he does not know when he will be discharged.

The family’s neighbour, Ms Jayanthi Sathish, 31, who saw him after he fell, said: ‘He was hurt and bleeding on one side of his face, and looked like he was in pain.’

Police said they received a call at about 4pm informing them of the incident. They said the boy was conscious when he was taken to the hospital.

One of Yi Min’s classmate was at the flat at the time and was traumatised, said Westgrove principal Teresa Pang.  “We have provided him with counselling,” she said. She added that Yi Min is a hardworking student who does well in school and plays games with his schoolmates during recess time.

The family came here from China six years ago. Mr. Yao said Yi Min, their only child, is usually home alone doing his homework, watching TV or reading while his parents were at work.   He would call both his parents everyday at 4pm to tell them that he had reached home safely.

That day, he had called them as usual and informed them that he had received straight A’s for his mid-term exam.  The incident happened shortly after the call.  Mr Yao said it was possible that the door of his son’s room had been slammed shut by strong wind and that he had tried to find a way in.

He said he will be locking the window from now on and may also change the lock on the room door to ensure it does not lock on its own again.

“I feel that it is lucky that he is stable and recovering,” he said.

Source: The Straits Times

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