Boost your child’s learning power

Boost your child’s learning power

Students today have a very demanding and challenging school life. Not only do they have full days of classes in school, they are expected to participate in multiple extracurricular activities and perform well in all areas of their lives.

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And when it comes to exam season, the month prior is especially stressful. To prepare for the exams, they have to memorize more, think faster and do more worksheets and practice papers.

They are usually tensed from lack of down time, are sleep deprived, and mentally stretched as they strive to cramp as much knowledge and information into their brain as possible.

Many also have to manage psychological fears of failure, of not being able to recall what they have learnt or having insufficient time to prepare for all the exam subjects.

To help our young scholars be alert and have the stamina to go the long haul, here are some tips to help them beat exam stress.

1. It’s About Time! – Create a regular schedule for study if you haven’t already. For the lower primary students, teach them time management skills or help them allocate time for extra study periods.  Remember to include some down time for relaxation.

2. Motivation – Lower primary kids may not understand the importance of having an exam.  Sharing the purpose of sitting for the exam may just motivate them to study more.  Failing which, the promise of a reward at the end of the exam may just do the trick.

3. Proper Nutrition and Supplement – Feed them quality food to help them stay mentally and physically alert.  Boost their attentiveness with a well-balanced diet of brain food like Essence of Chicken, berries, salmon, tuna, eggs, whole grains and beans.

4. Exercise regularly – Get them out of the house for some fresh air.  Studies show that physical activities are a great way to get energy and the rush of oxygen helps to increase mental alertness. It is also a great way for them to unwind, and release the tension on the eyes.

5. Rest and Relax – While time is scarce, it is important to ensure that your child gets the requisite 8 – 10 hours of rest during this period.  When the brain is rested, it is better able to retain or recall information rapidly.

ACE the exam with these Brain supplements

The brain and eyes are the most used organs during a child’s academic career.  To support these growing organs, and provide more energy and concentration to your kids, nourish them daily with health supplements like BRAND’S® AlphaMynd, an all natural health food product that children can consume daily.

1) BRAND’S® AlphaMynd DHA + Taurine is a special formulated health supplement to promote healthy brain function and meet the growing nutrient needs of today’s children. It has DHA and Taurine, both well established as ingredients important for learning capabilities and mental development. It also contains Sesamin and Vitamin E; 2 powerful anti-oxidants that scavenge free radicals. Reduced free radicals in our body would improve the efficiency of the delivery of DHA and Taurine nutrients to the brain.


2) BRAND’S® AlphaMynd Essence of Chicken for Children with vitamin B complex increases energy level and promotes mental alertness and concentration.



3) BRAND’S® AlphaMynd Essence of Chicken for Children with Lycium increases metabolic rate, physical and mental alertness, and improves mental well-being.  Lycium, also known as Chinese wolfberries, is a mild Chinese herb that can be taken as young as 2 years old, and has a good reputation for its ability to improve eyesight.


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