Black or white

Black or white

Imagine having kids that look like they’re from opposite ends of the worlds. The Kelly’s do.

black or white

Rare black and white twins

“You’re beautiful my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white.”  This popular lyric by Michael Jackson, has turned into a real life situation for The Kelly’s.  Alyson and Errol Kelly have twin boys, James, who is black and Daniel who is white. Yes, you read that right.  These brothers don’t look related and have extremely different skin tones, but shared their mother’s womb together for nine months.  They now share a home in south-east London with their parents.

Colour scandal

So what happens when your twin brother looks like he’s from a different continent than you? Well, Michael Jackson’s words held true with both parents, but the rest of the world saw things differently.  Racism reared its ugly head, and contrary to what most people would expect, Daniel faced the brunt of it all.  He was bullied through his school years for technically being ‘black’ and falsely claiming to be of white origin. This situation angered his mother Alyson, and Daniel had to shift schools. Alyson and Errol have another set of twins each from different partners, so excluding their fourteen-year-old daughter Katie, twins are not really a big deal for the family.

The brothers are extremely different from one other when it comes to interests. James is gay and Daniel is straight. This is another cause for concern for bullying that their parents worry about.  The reason for this odd separation in skin colour is because their Dad has Caribbean origin, which shows chances of possible European genes being present.

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In two minds

Even though James and Daniel are really something else, Frank and Louis take the cake. Frank and Louis is the world’s oldest living Janus cat, named after a Greek God that had two heads. Frank and Louis is also known as Frankenlouis and has two heads. Janus cats always die shortly after they are born, but this one just turned 12!  He has two mouths, two noses, two eyes and one dysfunctional eye in the centre. Frank and Louis has a condition called diprosopus.



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