Mummy gives birth to baby girl inside taxi in Singapore!

Mummy gives birth to baby girl inside taxi in Singapore!

This mummy gave birth to baby girl inside a taxi in Singapore! Read how this incident happened...

It was meant to be a routine visit to the hospital for this pregnant mummy and hubby. For taxi driver Mohamad Nazaruddin, they were just his first passengers for the day. Little did they know that it was going to be one roller coaster of a ride.

Going to hospital for check up

According to The Straits Times, on January 30, Madam Maria Elena del Rosario Ortiz and her husband, Mr. Hamid, were on their way to the hospital for a routine check-up, in Mr. Mohamad's SMRT taxi.

Apparently, Mr. Mohamad noticed that the mummy was in pain and decided to drive to the nearest hospital instead. The 39-year-old taxi driver stayed calm throughout and was able to give timely advice to Mr Hamid on how to make sure that the baby would be fine.

The baby girl ended up being delivered inside the taxi!

Nurses were ready to help the couple and baby as soon as they arrived at the hospital. On his part, Mr Mohamad even waived the couple's taxi fare.

Mummy gives birth to baby girl inside taxi in Singapore!

An "unforgettable and remarkable" experience

SMRT came out in praise of Mr. Mohamad in their Facebook post put out the following day.

In the post, Mummy Madam Maria describes the incident as, "This is such an unforgettable and remarkable experience. I feel shocked and also overjoyed that my baby girl was born in a taxi. My husband and I would like to thank Mr. Mohammad for doing a good job to take care of our baby and reassure us that the baby is fine. It was very well done."

Mr. Mohamad seems thrilled as well, "I'm lost for words. I'm glad that I'm able to help them in terms of giving them advice on what to do with the baby and ensuring that the baby is safe. I feel great about being part of this amazing journey with the parents. I hope that the family will be happy and joyous and wish them all the best."

In recognition of his kind act, SMRT also said that it would waive Mr. Mohamad's taxi rental for one day.

We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Hamid on their little bundle of joy. We also appreciate the presence of mind shown by Mr. Mohamed, and his willingness to extend a helping hand in times of distress.

Mummy gives birth to baby girl inside taxi in Singapore!

How to prepare for an emergency childbirth

Recently we carried the story of how a Singapore dad ended up delivering his baby in a car on the highway! While chances of an emergency childbirth are mostly low, we do come across many cases of babies being born in cars these days! It may be every pregnant mummy's worst fear, but here are some pointers which we feel can help, in case you are are faced with such an emergency situation before getting to the hospital:

  • Call the emergency ambulance (995 in Singapore). If you are in a car, it is advisable to pull over; safer to have the baby in the car while it's stopped.
  • Don't panic. Remaining calm can help you focus on the birth.
  • Grab whatever clothing or blankets you have in the car and place them nearby.
  • If you feel a strong urge to push, try to put it off by using breathing techniques, or lying on your side. Be sure to lie down or sit propped up. If you deliver standing up, your baby could fall and suffer a serious injury.
  • The baby’s head will come out first, and then there may be a pause before the body emerges. Make sure the baby doesn’t fall on the floor!
  • Do not pull on the baby or its head.
  • Once the baby comes out, place him skin-to-skin on mummy, with the baby's head slightly lower than it's body (to help facilitate draining the mucus). Cover both of them with dry blankets or towels.
  • A gush of blood and fluid will follow the baby.
  • If your baby doesn't cry spontaneously at birth, stimulate him by firmly rubbing up and down his back.
  • The placenta takes 5-30 minutes to come out. Do not pull on or cut the umbilical cord. The baby can remain attached to the umbilical cord until after the placenta has been delivered.
  • Make your way to the birth center or hospital by ambulance.

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