5 stories of eager babies who just couldn't wait to meet their parents!

5 stories of eager babies who just couldn't wait to meet their parents!

We go around the world to bring you stories of babies born on the move...

baby born in car

“Baby born in car”: This news headline is much more common than you think!

Just imagine. You’re heavily pregnant and one fine day, your water bag breaks and you start getting contractions strong and hard. You stagger to your vehicle to get to the hospital…but it’s too late! Your baby just can’t wait to make her grand entrance to this world and you are in full-blown labour in the car.

Hello there, baby! Couldn’t wait until we made it to hospital?

If you are currently pregnant, giving birth to your little one unexpectedly in the car on the way to the hospital is perhaps something you’ve thought of – and seriously wish would not happen to you. But the truth is, it’s happened to women all around the world.

Here, we bring you stories of overeager babies who just couldn’t wait to say “Hello, world!” The first story comes from Singapore and happened quite recently.

The parents just said “Thank you so much”!

baby born in car

“Hello World! I couldn’t wait to meet you!”
Image: Syed Zukarnain’s Facebook page

According to a Straits Times report, Syed Zukarnain and his wife were leaving a carpark in Bukit Panjang at around 9:00 a.m. on July 22 2015 when they saw a heavily pregnant woman who looked like she was in pain lying near a staircase by the side of the road.

The mum-to-be and her husband had been trying to get a taxi to go to the hospital for around an hour to no avail. Zukarnain offered to take them to the hospital in his car. However, they got stuck in morning rush hour traffic and, along Lower Delta Road, the dad-to-be said he could already see his baby’s head.

Zukarnain’s wife climbed into the back seat to help the couple, and just 15 minutes away from the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), their baby girl was born. Reports say that once they reached the hospital, medical staff cut the little girl’s umbilical cord.

Mum and baby are reported to be doing just fine, and according to Zukarnain, “(The parents) didn’t have words to say. They just said ‘thank you so much’.”

Unbelievable but true…

baby born in car

This little one slid out of his mum’s trousers while on the way to hospital!
Image: EuroPics [CEN]

This next story comes from Guangdong, China, as reported by MailOnline earlier this year. It involves the remarkable case of a woman who gave birth to her baby on a motorbike and didn’t even know it!

The baby had reportedly slipped out of her trousers! But all’s well that ends well…the baby was miraculously okay!

To read more about this incredible story, read this theAsianparent article that also brings you some handy tips on what to do during an emergency birth.

10 pounds of love born in a car!

Texas, USA, 16 July 2015: a dad posts a video on YouTube (see above) of his wife giving birth to their 10 pound baby boy… in their car.

In this amazing story as reported on MailOnline, the video shows mum, Lesia Pettijohn, delivering her baby by herself as her partner, Jon, calmly drives and records the birth with the GoPro on his lap.

According to reports, “after screaming several times, Lesia realizes that the baby’s head is coming out, so she takes down her pants enough to pull the baby out. Jon then gives Lesia a high five, saying ‘We did it.'”

This is the couple’s third child – his name is Josiah.

Another Singaporean couple’s baby is born in a car…but guess in which country? Find out on the next page.

Rush hour traffic + labour = baby

baby born in car

Babies have no patience with peak hour traffic!
Note: this is not a picture of Adrian and Fiona’s baby

Singaporean dentist, Adrian Lim and his wife, Fiona Ng, a specialist paediatric dentist, live in Melbourne, Australia. In June 2015,  Adrian and Fiona were on their way to hospital because, you guessed it, Fiona was in labour.

According to Yahoo News, Singapore, the couple unfortunately got stuck in rush hour traffic on the way to the hospital, which should have just been a 15-minute drive away.

Because Fiona’s labour was progressing so rapidly, her husband reportedly called the emergency hotline 000 and was advised to pull over when Fiona felt the baby coming.  The delivery took all of five minutes and heralded the birth of their little girl, Matilda.

Bittersweet birth

baby born in car

A newborn baby always brings hope, even in the saddest of situations…

We saved this story for last because while it is extremely sad, it also shows that there is always hope, even in the worst situations.

In Xiamen, China in March 2014, mum-to-be, Duan, and her husband Zhao, were on the way to hospital on their motorbike for the birth of their child. According to the International Business Times, a car had smashed into their motorbike, triggering the birth of their little boy.

Sadly, both parents died in the accident… but the little miracle baby survived with only a few cuts and bruises.

All these stories highlight the miracle of birth and just how capable a woman is of not just giving birth to a baby by herself when needed with no medical intervention, but also protecting her little one even in death, as highlighted in the last story.

Parents, do you know anyone who has given birth in a vehicle? Do tell us by leaving a comment below!

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