Bindi shares her views!

Bindi shares her views!

Dive into the world of the our favourite crocodile hunter's family! Here's an exclusive interview with Bindi Irwin, Robert Irwin and Terri Irwin.

Bindi Irwin Singapore Bindi Irwin, Robert Irwin and Terri Irwin in Singapore

At such a young age, you’ve already done so much for the wildlife cause. Is there anything that you still want to mark off your checklist?

Bindi: You mean besides world domination? Haha. Well, as I get older I hope to tackle problems that tend to be avoided because they’re so big -- like overpopulation of humans and more. I would like to start to deal with the elephant in the room and solve these issues that no one bothers or dares to.

What’s the best advice that your dad has given you?

Bindi: To treat animals how I want to be treated -- but what I think is so profound is that this applies to humans too.

Terri, how have you taught your kids the importance of wildlife and how do you think other parents can do so?

Terri: Parents are a wonderful guide for children and children will emulate their parents, they’re such important role models. If you have the opportunity to see your child excited at something, just help to follow through even if you may have fears in doing something.

For example, if your child is excited about lizards, but you don’t really want to hug and kiss a lizard, you can just help your child learn about lizards or bring him to the zoo to see the lizards. You don’t have to get directly involved but make sure not to let your fear or apprehension slow down the interest that your child has.

Interview with the Irwin family in Singapore Robert, Terri and Bindi Irwin at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay

What is a typical day like for the family?

Robert: There’s never really a typical day, because every single day we’re doing something new and something different -- we might be going to Singapore or feeding the crocodiles. But that’s why we love living in the zoo because everyday we wake up to the sound of elephants and crocodiles and just nature.

Terri: The thing we make sure everyday is that we’re always together as a family. And our school system is one that is developed for children in the outback so that means we can travel and the kids still have time for school, like Bindi and Robert have lessons after this interview. We’re just always together and we take everything with us -- that’s the biggest consistency.

What are some of your favourite places in Singapore?

Bindi: I love Gardens by the Bay because here, you can be 2 years old or 102 years old and just sit down and appreciate the nature around. The first time we visited Gardens by the Bay, Robert was 8 years old and he loved it so much that he said we had to come back. And how extraordinary that in Singapore, a busy city, you are able to just sit down in silence and take in the surrounding.

I also love the Singapore Zoo, it’s Australia Zoo’s sister zoo. Dad did a lot of documentaries here in Singapore Zoo and he loved Ah Meng. He’d come home and say to mum, “Terri, I’m leaving you because I’ve met a girl and it’s an orangutan.”

What’s your favourite Singapore food?

Bindi: Nasi Goreng. Or Chilli Crab!

Bindi ends off the interview with 3 tips for kids on going green! Check out the exclusive video here:

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