3 secrets from Bill Gates' parenting method that all parents must know

3 secrets from Bill Gates' parenting method that all parents must know

If Bill Gates doesn't spoil his kids with technology use and bucket loads of money... we shouldn't feel too bad about making our kids work for their allowance too.

You would think that for the richest man on earth, and one of the pioneering leaders in technology, Bill Gates’ parenting techniques would very much include technology.

But you would be surprised to find that it is actually the total opposite! Normal parents tend to limit their kids from technology, encourage the kids to go out more and physically socialise with other kids. Similarly, this is a style Bill Gates has adopted into his parenting techniques. 

Bill Gates’ Parenting Techniques: Modesty in a tech-free home 

1.  The richest man in the world is pretty strict on technology-use at home.

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Bill Gates Parenting Method: What are his secrets?

At home, the billionaire shares, his kids were not allowed to use mobile phones until they turned 14 (another tech giant that did something along the lines of this was Steve Jobs). He is also worried on the growing dependence of youths on digital gadgets, posing a serious threat of addiction. 

Mobile phones at the dinner table are strictly prohibited as well. The business magnate and his wife also set limits on television time at home to encourage reasonable bedtimes.

Gates admits that monitoring the online activity of kids nowadays is a tricky issue for all parents and his kids did complain that other kids in school get to use mobiles much earlier. But remained firm that they didn’t gain access to mobiles until they turned 14. His three kids, Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe are 21, 18 and 15 respectively. 

2. The founder of Microsoft raises the kids with a life of simplicity.

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It’s perfectly fine to get your kids to help out with the chores.

Despite having more wealth on this planet than any other man,  the Gates want to bring up their children in as normal a way as possible. 

All the kids in the household are expected to complete household chores and are given modest pocket money. 

3. His boundless wealth will not be given to his children 

Gates has expressed his intention to give away most of his fortune to the underprivileged rather than let it be inherited by his children.

The philanthropic Gates couple are celebrating their 20th marriage anniversary next year and plan to shift their focus on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which aims to improve healthcare and decrease poverty across the world.

One of their top goals is to eradicate Polio completely, especially since Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria are still affected by the epidemic.

We all certainly have much to learn from Bill Gates’ parenting method. What are your thoughts on how he and Melinda Gates raise their children? 

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Written by

Sarah Voon

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