Beyoncé bouncing baby girl is here!?

Beyoncé bouncing baby girl is here!?

We’ve been waiting for the arrival of Beyoncé little baby-diva for awhile now and there have been numerous reports circulating online that the baby has arrived…but has she?

Some rumours and reports say that Beyoncé Knowles welcomed a bouncing baby girl over the holiday weekend and named her Tiana-May Carter. There was no confirmation from mummy or daddy Jay-Z so far.

Tiana May Carter

Rumours of Beyonce’s baby Tiana May Carter

Rumours sparked due to a sighting that the singer checked into a private hospital in New York City and the rest of her family was in town—awaiting the arrival of the little angel. So, is it true?

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Sister Solange says—not yet

Well, on January 2nd, Beyoncé’s sis Tweeted: “Shout out to my sister for being THE cutest pregnant woman ever!” If she is still pregnant that simply means she has not popped. But knowing the world of celebs, it could be a ploy to make us think Beyoncé has not given birth. The Bootylicious singer was ushering the New Year with her sis Solange Knowles.

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But we will keep a close watch on this one…any minute now, we are still expecting a bouncing baby. Do you believe the rumours? We will let you decide in the poll below…

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