7 Best Times to Have Mind-blowing Sex With Your Husband

7 Best Times to Have Mind-blowing Sex With Your Husband

Aptly-timed lovemaking sessions are not only fulfilling, they're more rewarding and can help increase your intimacy with your partner. Read about the best times to have sex so you feel satisfied and closer to your husband below.

When is it not the best time to have sex? If we had the time and energy, we might be having it all the time―with our husbands quite willing to oblige. But we don't have all the time in the world nor do we have the energy after work, chores, the kids... What we do have is the chance to make sex count when it does happen.

We've put together a list of the best times to have sex, so take a look and see how you can make your sack sessions more meaningful and intense.

When you want to get pregnant

7 Best Times to Have Mind-blowing Sex With Your Husband

If you're on a regular menstrual cycle you're in luck. Counting the days is going to be easy.

The doctor will probably tell you that the best time to have sex for maximum fertility on your part is the ninth to the sixteenth day after the first day of your last period. For women with irregular periods, consulting your OB-Gyn can increase your chances of conceiving the natural way.

When you want more vigorous lovemaking

Having sex in the evening can be difficult―especially for women since we need more sleep than men. Don't we always say that we're tired at night?

Instead of making sex the last part of your day, consider making it the first. Set your alarm to go off 10 minutes before your man's and wake him up for a quickie before work. He always wakes up with a hard-on anyway, so why let it go to waste? You'll be surprised at what you can get up to before breakfast.

When you want sex to last longer

7 Best Times to Have Mind-blowing Sex With Your Husband

A long vacation would be just the time to try out our sex marathon and dirty talk tips.

Holidays like Holy Week and Christmas break are great times to engage in extended foreplay and long hours of unhurried sex. Leave the kids with the grandparents or relatives for a few days and enjoy some precious, intimate one-on-one time.

When you want to relieve menstrual pain

If both of you can get over the ickiness (or if it isn't even an issue), sex during your period can make both you and your husband feel better.

An orgasm is a natural way of relieving menstrual cramps as it causes uterine contractions that relieve the pain. What's more, the release of happy hormones relax you and counteract the period blues. Have a warm shower when you do this so the mess is easy to clean and you feel a lovely boneless languor afterwards.

When you're too busy with work

7 Best Times to Have Mind-blowing Sex With Your Husband

A week full of overtime and even sleeping at the office can make your sex life nonexistent.

The trick to having sex when you're busy with work is to commit to the deed and a schedule. It may sound forced, but setting aside a quiet evening or weekend night for you and your partner to recharge through great sex may be exactly what you need to get through another hell week.

When you want nothing short of mind-blowing

Did you know that 70% of all women don't experience orgasms from intercourse? While it is possible, it's highly unlikely that you can get off as consistently as he does solely with vaginal penetration.

The trick is to have sex on the day before your period, even if you're feeling grouchy and a bit ill. The day before you get your monthly visit, your uterus, labia, and clitoris are engorged with blood and are more sensitive than usual. This makes stimulation more pronounced and the big O more intense, not to mention easier to achieve.

When you want to recharge your sex life

7 Best Times to Have Mind-blowing Sex With Your Husband

If you want something new to happen in bed, you have to get out of your routine.

Getting out of a sexual rut can be really easy. People are usually dead asleep at three in the morning, right? Why not change it up and have your pillow play then? Wake him up with your mouth or some heavy petting then take a nap after the deed is done. You'll have something nice to think about for the rest of the day.

When you want to feel like a sex goddess

Sexual confidence doesn't come naturally to everyone. Not everyone is always game for a lap dance or striptease.
Research has shown that regardless of whether people lost weight or gained muscle, everyone feels the same way after a workout―full of confidence. Take advantage of this sexy feeling and get in the sack after a run or gym session. It's the best time to try that lap dance he's always wanted.

When Christmas party season or wedding season comes along

Party after party not only takes up your evenings, they're also tiring to prepare for.

Consider having a quickie before you go to an event in the evening. Make sure you tell your husband to take care not to ruin your makeup and make sure not to crumple your dress. You'll both be happy and satisfied during the event and you get that post-coital glow throughout the evening!

The 7 best times to have mindblowing sex

Sex doesn't always have to be a weekly ritual steeped in routine. Aside from making you feel good, it can also improve your relationship with your husband, relieve pain, and even boost your self-esteem.

Which one of the best times to have sex have you tried out? Leave us a comment and let's discuss how it's worked out for you and your partner!

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