Best Mother's Day gifts for women who have everything

Best Mother's Day gifts for women who have everything

We've prepared the perfect guide that is sure to have your mum smiling from ear to ear all day long

Mother's day is coming up and it really isn't surprising that you're totally clueless on what to get for the queen of the house because, what exactly do you give a queen? Not to worry, here's our guide on getting the perfect gift for your mum that is sure to make her heart flutter.

#1 Flowers


No, this gift is not at all cliché! In fact, mothers would be lying if they say that they aren't down to receiving flowers on Mother's Day or rather, any day of the year! Unless of course, they're allergic to flowers! Whether you choose to get the flowers delivered or want to give it to her yourself, flowers are a guaranteed instant smile factor.

The toughest part of gifting flowers is that they have all these different meanings in terms of the colour, the type and the number of flowers. You can refer to this website for the detailed list of meanings so you won't make any mistakes!

#2 A framed photograph

It can be any photograph, as long as you think it holds a special meaning to her. Trust me on this, she would love it so much, she'd hang it up her bedroom wall almost immediately! It doesn't necessarily have to be a big frame or a photo from a big event that occured. So just trust your gut feeling on this one! If you have a photograph her carrying you as a baby, that would be perfect!

#3 Breakfast in bed


Nothing is better at starting off the day right with breakfast in bed! Surprise mummy the moment she wakes up with a home-cooked breakfast. It can be anything, really! From pancakes to scrambled eggs to even McDonald's Breakfast, if you happen to wake up later than planned. But let's face it, who doesn't like McDonald's breakfast?

#4 A staycation


What better way to spend Mother's Day than having the whole weekend to yourself? There are many amazing staycation opportunities in Singapore and most of them are actually having Mother's Day promotions!

#5 "Switch" Places with her

Yes, you do the housework and everything else for the day. Treat mummy like the queen she is and let her sit back and catch up on her TV dramas while you get a chance to be in her shoes. If you think that's not enough, you can even rearrange the furniture!

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#6 A spa treat


Spa treats are the perfect gifts that allows your mum to finally have the "me-time" that she deserves. Let her unwind on her special day with relaxing body massages and facials. All those time she spent juggling chores and the family's well-being will be paid off! It is important to note that as there are a variety of spa packages out there, so it's best to get a package that she would prefer.

#7 A card

Nothing beats a good ol' fashioned card. And no, I'm not talking about e-cards! Technology is taking over our everyday lives to the point that we stop doing sentimental things in the form of gifts such as writing letters or cards. So rare that it has actually become a pleasant surprise to receive things like these. Give your mum a card and you'd have her framing it up somewhere, or even take a picture and show it off on social media!

#8 Spend time with her


You don't have to go the extra mile to show your mum that you're grateful for her. Sometimes, all it takes is just to spend time with her. You can watch re-runs on TV, play a board game or prepare a meal together as a family. It will be really heartwarming for mummy seeing everyone happy while taking time off to spend time with her!

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