7 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Holiday Home For Your Next Vacation

7 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Holiday Home For Your Next Vacation

Renting a holiday home for your next vacation can be luxurious, adventurous, or it can just make more money sense. Whatever rental you choose, having a whole home to yourself is sure to be a family experience that will bring you closer together.

Has your family been bitten by the travel bug? Well, who can blame you?

Seeing new places and immersing in a country’s culture is something that inspires the mind and enriches the soul, and travelling together as a family provides you with more opportunities to strengthen bonds and make new memories together! A recent survey commissioned by HomeAway®, a pioneer and world leader in holiday home rentals, revealed that Singaporean families travel to bond and that holiday homes were the preferred choice of accommodation because “holiday homes help families to bond on holiday!”  

As a mom, my priorities for accommodation when travelling with my kids include comfort and a value-for money experience. Unfortunately, sometimes our budget just allows us to rent single room options where we all try to squeeze into after a long day of sightseeing.

That is why I got really excited when I found out about HomeAway®, a platform where you can book villas, apartments and holiday homes. The site makes it easy to find and book the perfect holiday home rental for any getaway, often for less than the cost of traditional hotel rooms.

Here are several reasons why renting a home – when you’re away from home – is a great alternative.

7 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Holiday Home for Your Next Vacation

best family bonding vacations

The best family bonding vacations start with renting a holiday home.

1. Space! Space! Space!

Get more space for the price that you pay! Now, you won’t have to deal with claustrophobic spaces that can make the family miserable. Feeling rested and recharged before a long day of travelling is essential to making the most of your travel experience. A spacious home will make you feel more relaxed. Plus, it will also give your kids room to play and the whole family a place to bond with its shared spaces. 

2. Home Away from Home

As much as possible, I want my children’s routine to be disrupted as little as possible and the place to be similar to what my children are used to at home. In a holiday home, I am able to prepare a home-cooked meal that is a precious reminder of home that kids always enjoy. There is no better way to keep the joys of home close to your family than to rent a home when you’re on holiday.

best family bonding vacations
3. Value-For-Money

Homes for rent usually cost less than renting a hotel room. They also offer a lot more in terms of pampering by providing things like multiple rooms, a kitchen, or even a private pool. The money that my family spends on travelling is something that we worked hard to earn, so renting a place that gives us top value – or even allows us to save – is always welcomed.

4. A Full-Sized Kitchen

Speaking of saving, what better way to save than by cooking quick, easy-to-make meals at home? This is advisable for long travels when you can stock up on food in your rental home. This is definitely cheaper than always eating out. Plus, it is a good opportunity for the family to bond.

A respondent in the HomeAway survey, shared the same sentiment:

“Simple things like access to hot water, or a kitchen to whip up a quick breakfast for the kids. Anything that we are used to at home, we need to have the same experience on holiday,” said Amber, a HomeAway user and mother of two. This is also supported by 85% of respondents who said having meals together was their favourite bonding activity on holidays.

5. Extended Family Bonding Time

Yes, you’ll get even more opportunities to bond with the whole family when you live in a holiday home together. After a long day of sightseeing, you can head back to your private holiday home and continue to enjoy being together in the privacy of your own space – lounging in the living room or playing some board games.

According to the survey by HomeAway, three in four Singaporean families said that they saw overseas vacations as a chance to spend quality bonding time together. Among regular holiday home users, 77% felt that staying in holiday homes helps families to bond on their holiday.

6. Sometimes, Your Rental IS the Destination

With HomeAway, there are more than two million holiday homes to choose from in fabulous destinations like Bali, Phuket, and Kyoto. Imagine going to Japan and living in a ryokan, or travelling to Bali and staying in an authentic Balinese home with its own swimming pool. The possibilities are endless! Your rental can actually be a part of your travel experience, instead of being just a place to sleep.

best family bonding vacations

7. You Get To Live In Your Dream Home!

Living in your dream home won’t be a dream anymore. HomeAway provides an opportunity to make this dream come true! Whether you’re looking to stay in a home that feels like a resort, in a cozy cabin, or in a modern minimalist masterpiece, you’ll find countless options at HomeAway. Experience your dream home when you go on vacation! Booking accommodation will actually be the start of the fun!

So sit back and relax… because your next holiday dream home is just a click away! We hope, you enjoy your next family holiday!

If you’re thinking of going on your next family holiday, then you’re in luck! Because HomeAway® has a Chinese New Year Promotion*! Book your dream family holiday on HomeAway and get a SGD88 activity hongbao voucher to spend on Expedia activities.

About HomeAway

HomeAway, a world leader in the vacation rental industry, is the place to book villas, apartments and holiday homes with more than two million places to stay in 190 countries. The site makes it easy to find and book the perfect holiday home rental for any getaway, often for less than the cost of traditional hotel accommodations. Founded in 2005, HomeAway is now an Expedia Group brand. For more information about HomeAway, please visit www.homeaway.com.sg.


HomeAway carried out the survey in November 2018. 1,000 Singapore respondents above the age of 18 and married with at least one child participated.


* Terms & Conditions for Chinese New Year Promotion:

• Valid for bookings from 23rd January 2019 00:00 hrs Singapore time to 28th February 2018 23:59 hrs Singapore time.

• Entry to this promotion is open to anyone aged 18 and over, and living in Singapore

• This promotion is available for anyone who makes a booking for $550 or more on HomeAway from 23 January 2019 to 28 February 2019 (‘eligible booking’). For each eligible booking, the booker is entitled to $88 Expedia activities voucher. Only applicable to the first 1,000 bookings.

• To be eligible, you must have a valid booking ID on the contest entry page on the HomeAway website.

• Participants should redeem the voucher from Expedia’s website at www.expedia.com.sg/things-to-do.

• The voucher will be valid until 15 June 2019

• HomeAway will provide vouchers approximately one week before check in date for the eligible booking. If an eligible booking is cancelled, the booker will no longer be entitled to a prize.

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