Mums share why the best diaper for their babies is Drypers Touch

Mums share why the best diaper for their babies is Drypers Touch

Find out why parents think that Drypers Touch is the best diaper for their babies after a month-long trial!

It is difficult to describe the joy that our babies bring us. So despite the sacrifices that it entails, giving our little ones the very best that we can provide is something we lovingly choose to do.

When it comes to diapers, the best just got better with the introduction of Drypers Touch to the Singapore market. Twenty-five lucky parents and their babies were given a month’s supply of Drypers Touch diapers to personally experience its superior qualities – and decide whether it truly is the best for their babies.

What were their first impressions?

Although the difference between Drypers Touch and other diapers can be clearly felt, some parents still took a wait-and-see approach.


Mum Katty shared, “I was pretty amazed at how different this Drypers Touch is (compared to other diapers). The first impression are the softness of the diaper and the stretchable waist band that perfectly conform to the shape of (my baby’s) big butt! I have tried so many brands as she is a heavy wetter and often leak. Let's see if Drypers Touch is the one for her.”

Mum Michelle sounded hopeful but skeptical, “Can't complain about the soft texture, and we hope Treyden will soon be nappy rash free!”

Find out what the parents and their babies experienced during the month-long trial in the next page.

How did the trial go?

Baby's bottom was dry the whole night and on hot days.
Mum Angel remarked that, not only did Drypers Touch keep her baby's bottom dry the whole 12-hour night, it is also perfect for hot days. "The weather is getting hotter and hotter these days, making my little sweetheart perspire so much! However Drypers Touch keeps her bum dry and not feeling hot and stuffy."


Playtime was more enjoyable.
Dads were able to play with their babies without worrying about leaks. Dad Wee Hiong imagined his daughter saying, "Other than keeping my skin dry and soft, I can move with ease because (Drypers Touch) is so stretchable."

Mum Dionne agreed, "Daddy tends to spend more time in playful, physical activities when bonding with our little one. I feel secure that he's in the new premium Drypers Touch! 
Anatomically designed to snugly fit baby’s little body... 
No leaks. Our baby is happy and feels dry whenever daddy plays with him."

Going out was a breeze.
Dad Abery took his wife and baby out for lunch and exclaimed, "Why I love Drypers Touch is because it keeps him super comfortable so that going out with him along is a breeze!"


The flight was hassle-free.
For mum Clarissa, it meant a hassle-free start to a family vacation. "We changed diapers only once! And he just slept 3 hours straight! So much comfiness indeed!"

Find out what their final verdict was after the trial in the next page.

What was their verdict after the trial?

Love the softness
“There are no leaks and no diaper rash! Yay! I need to emphasize this - I really love the softness of the diaper lah!” declared Katty.

Ultra effective yet gentle
Another mum, Mastura, explains, “My baby feels so comfortable the whole day wearing these diapers as it is gentle to my baby’s soft skin and it is designed to be ultra effective yet gentle around the legs - say goodbye to the red marks around my baby’s chubby thighs.”


She adds, “The new Drypers Touch has a super dry absorption care for excellent dryness and now my baby can sleep through the whole night peacefully and I don’t have to wakeup to a wet leaking nappy in the morning.”

The best!
Michelle is ready to happily endorse it, “You may request samples, or you can also purchase them now thru Redmart (the exclusive online retailer). Why wait? Your child deserves the best!”

What makes Dryper Touch the best?

The parents who tried Drypers Touch were very happy about its softness, absorbency, stretchability and anti-leak features. They were actually describing the innovative Pro Skin Technology that is incorporated into each pad and provides:

  • Superior Dry Absorption Core

This provides excellent dryness to keep baby's skin dry and comfortable.

  • Super Soft Embossed Top Layer

This refers to a super soft and extremely dry top layer that gently protects baby's skin.

  • Skin-Gentle Leakage Barriers

The anti-leakage barriers are non-woven and are designed to be gentle around baby's legs - preventing leaks while keeping baby comfortable.

  • Soft Stretchable Waistband

The waistband is made of soft elastic material that makes each diaper perfectly fit each baby.

  • Soft Fastening System

A soft non-woven loop and soft taping zone further enhances the diaper's softness without sacrificing overall performance.

  • Cotton-touch Backsheet

The breathable outer material feels cotton-like to keep baby's skin cool and fresh.

Drypers Touch was developed to provide ultimate comfort and care for babies. The newborn size even features naval care - a cut-out designed to prevent redness and sensitivity by reducing the rubbing of the diaper against a newborn's umbilical cord stub.

Request for your own Drypers Touch samples now and give your baby the ultimate comfort and care!

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