Why Pampers Baby Dry is the right choice for my baby

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Mummy blogger Faith Lim tells us her experience with trying out different diapers and why she loves Pampers Baby Dry diapers.

Mothers-to-be and new mothers face one common problem. That is, “What suitable products to get for my baby?”

I was in that confused state too, where I was overwhelmed by the huge selections of baby products. One thing I was very concerned about was the type of diaper for my baby. Diapers play an important role during babies’ growing years, especially for their first two to almost three years (depending on individual’s development progress) where wearing them is inevitable.

I strongly believe that a good diaper is essential for the healthy development of a baby because quality diaper equates to more sleep, more movements and less chances of having skin irritations. This translates to a generally happier baby who can focus on learning and exploring.

Pampers baby dry

So, what is my best bet for diaper choice?

It has to be PAMPERS BABY DRY!

You probably would think this is an advertorial, and of course I would promote Pampers as much as I can. But as a mother myself, I am able to empathise with mothers too.

We want to provide the best for our babies in every possible way, but within our means. I sincerely hope to share every goodness I get to know with all loving mothers.

Before that, I would like to share my past experiences with diapers.

Pampers baby dry

A tale of trial and error

It was not a hit on target with respect to my choice of diapers; there were many trials and errors before I finally found the perfect suitable fit for my little girl. The first baby diaper which Liv used was Brand X, the one which is widely used in local hospitals.

Just one day old, Liv had mild red rash at her nappy area. Many babies have swollen genitals during the first few days of birth so as a first time mother, I presumed that was the cause. I continued using the starter pack of X which was given to Liv to use at home even though I had a pack of newborn diapers, Brand Y ready for her.

As soon as Liv wet her diaper each time, her bottom started becoming red. Brand X was not even damp with her urine! Again, I thought it was normal for the redness to come and go, that it should probably subside in a few days time. I could still remember two days after returning home from hospital, Liv had to go back to the hospital again to check for jaundice as she had a slightly higher level of bilirubin levels upon discharge.

We were out for barely four hours and she was already crying so badly. It turned out to be a bad painful looking rash around her nappy area. I realised I’ve made a grave mistake! The redness she had been having was far from being normal, it had been causing irritations to her bottom all these while! Poor girl! We finally swapped her to Brand Y diapers. Nappy rash never happened again since then.

Pampers baby dry

Seems like problem was solved, right? NOT YET! There was this issue that bothered husband and I, although Brand Y provided good comfort wear and Liv had zero negative reactions to it.

Brand Y is said to be superb in absorbency but because Liv has always been a heavy wetter, she had wet her pants on many occasions when I changed her. Friends who swear by Brand Y for their babies suggested that I could change Liv’s diapers more frequently and initially, I did. But babies use many diapers each day and everyday, and the fact that Brand Y is slightly pricier than many diaper brands in the market, I felt the need to look for a better and affordable alternative.

So, the third diaper, Brand Z came along. It was recommended by my confinement nanny. At that time, it made sense to trust her since she has over a decade of experience with babies. Brand Z provided good absorbency (there was occasional leakage but that was fine), good breathability and has a wetness indicator sign.

However, there was one thing I didn’t like about Brand Z. The sides of the diaper are a little too rough for babies’ tender skin, it sometimes causes abrasions to the inner folds of Liv’s thighs. Nevertheless, I felt it was a better choice among the three brands and make do with it until Pampers gave me a chance to discover the ideal diaper for my baby.

Since I moved to using Pampers, it  has became my most trusted diaper brand.

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