My Experience with the New Pampers Baby Dry

My Experience with the New Pampers Baby Dry

Read a real mummy's experience with Pampers Baby Dry diapers. She says her experience has been delightful and her little boy stays dry with no account of nappy rashes.

What are some of the factors that you consider when you purchase disposable diapers?

For me, comfort stays as the top priority especially for a newborn and this has guided us in our selection of diapers for our second child, Dan, who turned three months old recently.

Comfort and dryness are paramount

Comfort, in this case, means that my baby could stay dry in the diaper for long hours and not have to suffer from nappy rashes. This is an important factor for me because many times, I forgot about checking for a wet diaper when I’m engaged with the older girl or when I am busy with the chores.

Moreover, now that the baby can sleep for longer hours, I would not have to change his diaper until 8 hours later. As such, a good diaper, in my opinion, has to keep the baby dry and comfortable throughout the day and night.

Pampers baby dry diapers

The new Pampers Baby Dry diapers have adorable designs.

There are many brands in the market for diapers and one of them is Pampers, a name that is not unfamiliar to me because my mom has often used that brand name to refer to a diaper.

I guess my siblings and I had used Pampers when we were young and I could still vaguely recall the packaging then. It seems like a trusted brand but how does it fare now?

We were given two packs of the new Pampers Baby-Dry diapers to try on our baby boy who was about 5kg. Each pack contains 58 diapers. As I held the diaper for the first time, the soft cottony cover appealed to me and the adorable graphics put a smile to my face. So cute!

Pampers baby dry diapers

Enjoying some intimate moments together after a bath

It is the right fit for my baby

The S-sized diaper (for 3-8kg baby) fits snuggly on my boy and doesn’t leave an excess of material hanging down between the legs unlike one of the brands which I have used prior to trying Pampers.

It fits just nice for the waist area but I wonder if the diaper would still fit if he grows slighter bigger. Having said that, the boy does have a big tummy and the stretchy tapes are definitely a big help to ensure superior fit and comfort.

Pampers baby dry diapers

Stretchy tapes for good fit and comfort

The little boy has a very full schedule each day. He has to accompany me to complete my tasks such as sending the sister to and fro school, going for runs at the park, attending activities with his sister and having his own personal training session at home. As such, I don’t always check for soiled diapers and sometimes, even forget.

Pampers baby dry diapers

Staying dry while his sister gets wet at the water playground

A delightful diaper experience

My experience with Pampers Baby Dry diapers has been delightful. The little boy stays dry with no account of nappy rashes over these few weeks. The soft touch-dry layer and super gel must have done its job of absorbing wetness quickly to keep it away from the boy’s skin.

Even when I change the diaper, I observe that his skin is dry. It also helps that the diaper enables air circulation with its all-around breathability feature thus reducing the possibility of rashes.

Pampers baby dry diapers

Working very hard in his diaper

Pampers Baby Dry diapers promise up to 12 hours of skin dryness. Though I have not tried getting the boy to wear his diaper for that amount of time, the longest he has worn is 8 hours and his skin stays dry when I eventually change the diaper. This is a true testament to what Pampers Baby Dry has promised.

Pampers baby dry diapers

A reliable diaper means worry-free moments with the baby

In the long run, I think Pampers Baby Dry could help to save cost. Because the diapers could absorb much and yet at the same time keep the skin dry, that would mean that I do not have to change the diapers that often, and this not at the expense of the baby’s skin. I also don’t have to worry about checking his diapers often because I believe that he will stay comfortable and dry.

This allows for a stress-free and enjoyable moments of interacting with this boy. Pampers has indeed lived up to its reputation as the World Number 1 diaper brand with its effort to continually come up with better diapers. Pampers truly cares.

Lynn Quek-Lee is a stay-at-home-mum to a toddler girl and a 3-month-old baby boy and is constantly kept active and entertained by them.

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