Our Miracle Preemie

Our Miracle Preemie

Benny Giam Pay Ni shares about her miracle baby

My first labour was a nightmare and unforgettable experience for me and my husband. I was seriously bleeding non-stop when I was pregnant for 24 weeks. Doctor has advised me to stop working and bed rest at home until the baby was born. The bleeding was under control till 31 week. Another serious bleed came again and I had admitted to stay in hospital for a week. Again, it was under control until the day. Middle of the night, the bleeding became worst.

Doctor has advised to do emergency c- section to ensure the safety of mother and baby. I can't sleep for the whole night before the operation as I was worried that I might bleed until unconscious. We pray hard to God to save myself and my baby. Finally, it was the time for operations. Frightening has caused my body shaken unstoppable.

After the operations, I known everything had over. Baby was premature and required to stay in hospital for weeks. Thanks God, my girl is 6 years old now. She is a very clever girl and growing healthily and happily now.

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