Six-Year-Old Jia Jia's Touching Story Will Melt Your Heart

Six-Year-Old Jia Jia's Touching Story Will Melt Your Heart

Family comes first and foremost when it comes to unconditional love. 

All parents agree that caring for a child isn’t an easy job. Not only do you have to fulfil responsibilities in ensuring your children’s needs are met, but the responsibilities don’t immediately stop even after they’ve grown up. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if the opposite happened? Here’s a real story about a little one becoming a caregiver for a parent that will bring tears to your eyes, and inspire you.

“Tiny Angel” becoming a caregiver for a parent is a viral sensation

Jia Jia, who just barely six years old, is already a “parent” to her dad. The tiny girl from China, has been hailed as a “little angel” by netizens as she cares for her immobile father, Tian Haicheng.

Tian shares his daughter’s selfless contributions via Kuaishou, a photo-sharing app in China. The two have become a viral sensation in social media, with Tian’s account garnering over 480,000 followers.

“Dad, you can’t die. All I have is you.”

Tragedy struck Tian two years ago, when a car accident left him paralyzed. Instead of caring for him, his wife left him a few months later. She took her oldest son with her, leaving her small daughter behind. 

At one point, Tian tried to end everything by drinking pesticide, but sweet Jia Jia managed to stop him, saying:

“Dad, you can’t die. I wouldn’t have a father. My mother is gone. All I have is you.”

What life is like now

becoming a caregiver for a parent

Little Jia Jia, becoming a caregiver for a parent, as she wipes her dad’s face in the morning. | Image Source: Screengrab from YouTube

Now, the pair looks to be going strong with their lives.

Their regular day begins at 6am. Little Jia Jia is more than happy to aid her dad in fulfilling his demands. The “tiny angel” even operates a handmade harness to lift Tian from his bed and seat him in his electric wheelchair.

Next, Jia Jia massages her father’s muscles for 30 minutes. Subsequently, she helps him brush his teeth and wash his face. The little six-year-old has also been nicknamed “Daddy’s hand”, having mastered the skill of shaving her dad’s beard.

After all this, little Jia Jia attends school, and her paternal grandparents switch places with her.

According to an interview with Yangtzi Evening News, Jia Jia says that she doesn’t “feel tired at all” in caring for her dad.

No matter what befalls us, Jia Jia’s touching story only serves to prove that our family comes first and foremost when it comes to unconditional love.

You can see how she cares from her father in the video below:

As parents, it’s never a simple matter to teach our kids virtues like kindness and filial piety. Kudos to this thoughtful child for going above and beyond. We are sure this little darling will grow up to do great things in the future! 

References: AsiaOne. Images screengrabbed from YouTube


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