Toddler's testicles get caught in bathtub drain: Bathtub safety hazards for toddlers

Toddler's testicles get caught in bathtub drain: Bathtub safety hazards for toddlers

A very unusual bathtime hazard...

We all know of the usual risks to watch out for when bathing our little ones, such as never leaving them alone and using baby-friendly bath products only. But a recent case of an unbelievable injury that happened to a toddler boy shows us the hidden dangers of bath time fun. We also discuss other unusual hazards that could threaten bathtub safety for toddlers.

Toddler’s Testicles Suctioned into Bath Drain

A pair of two-year-old Australia toddler boys were recently having their regular bath playtime, when things suddenly took a bad turn as the tub’s drain stopper was pulled out.

The testicles of one little boy got suctioned into the drain, and  firmly fastened onto the plastic drain top.  The child’s frantic parents called emergency services, and when paramedics got there, they found the terrified child in this compromising position. 

bathtub safety for toddlers

Watch our for unusual bathtime dangers, parents! | Image source: stock photos

How Did He Free Himself? 

The boy’s aunt was present when the accident happened. According to her, the two-year-old managed to “escape” once he calmed down, and also once natural shrinkage of his testicles took place, being out of the warm water.

The boy’s aunt confirmed he was taken to hospital as a precaution to make sure he was OK.

This unusual but possible bathtub hazard is a timely reminder for all parents of young children to watch out for less-known safety hazards. 

Toddler's testicles get caught in bathtub drain: Bathtub safety hazards for toddlers

Have you checked the inside of your child’s bath toys?

Bathtub Safety for Toddlers: Other Unusual Bath Time Hazards

Please take note of the following hazards, too!

  1. Mould in rubber ducks and other bath toys. Rubber ducks may look yellow and cute on the outside, but can grow mould inside them if not dried and stored properly. 
  2. Baby bath chairs tipping backwards. Don’t rely on your bath chair to keep your baby safe. They can easily tip backwards, exposing your little one to a huge safety risk. 
  3. Babies hurting themselves on taps. Taps or faucets are sharp and pointed, so do be careful of your little ones getting hurt by it. You can use a faucet guard to prevent injuries. 
  4. Toddlers slipping on bath tubs. Bath tubs are incredibly slippery for us adults – and more so for children who don’t have proper muscle control. What’s the solution? Don’t forget to install anti-slip or rubber mats or pads to avoid the risk of your toddler falling over.


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