5-year-old Bangkok boy dies after apartment balcony gives way

5-year-old Bangkok boy dies after apartment balcony gives way

A little Bangkok boy dies after the family's fourth floor apartment balcony collapsed. His three siblings were seriously injured too...

Another tragic piece of news has been reported. A five-year-old boy in Bangkok died after a section of the balcony of the family's fourth floor apartment collapsed.

His three siblings were seriously injured too.

5-Year-Old Bangkok Boy Dies

According to The Nation, the incident happened at Kesaree Apartment building in Bangkok’s Bang Kapi district on May 1, 2018.

The children lived there with their mother and grandparents. Apparently, the balcony in question had been extended with wooden planks by two feet.

This extension was meant to store dishes. However, police suspect that the children were sitting or standing on it, when it gave way. The fastenings had come loose.

The children were found by police and rescue workers on the ground, amidst shards of broken dishes.

Little Khanatcha Borell, five, died from a head injury at Ram Khamhaeng Hospital. His siblings, Luca Borell, 11, and Chanida Borell, seven, are in the hospital’s ICU and have still not regained consciousness. Another sibling, Pamela Borell, 10, suffered a broken leg.

The children's parents had separated, and are in the middle of a custody battle. Their grandparents were looking after the children at night while their mother worked. 

The grandparents had last seen the kids sleeping. Then at around 1:30 am, they were awakened by the sound of a siren. The devastated grandparents are yet to get over their shock.

According to the family's neighbours, the children were good kids who studied well. They also helped around with the chores, especially since the family was struggling to make ends meet. 

Balcony Safety for Little Children

This is indeed a tragic case. Balcony falls can be critical and often result in broken bones, face and head trauma. If you have a balcony at home, do follow these vital reminders to keep little children safe:

  1. Do not let your child play in the balcony unattended.
  2. Discourage them from climbing on the balcony.
  3. Keep any objects that children can climb, like benches, tables, and chairs, away from the balcony railing.
  4. Discourage kids from dragging any light furniture close to the balcony.
  5. Make sure that your balcony is fitted with grills. If not, your balcony door and windows should have child safety locks. Keep doors to balconies locked at all times. 
  6. Check the railing's gaps. Anything greater than four inches is a threat to your child's safety. A child as old as six can fit through a gap as small as six inches.
  7. Teach your child about safety.
  8. Conduct regular safety checks. Check railings and locks regularly to make sure they're still working properly. 


Source: The Nation

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