Brutal child beating highlights importance of choosing the right nanny

Brutal child beating highlights importance of choosing the right nanny

A 3-year-old girl was allegedly beaten by her babysitter. Her family is devastated that she might not survive...

Instead of spending her days playing and enjoying her childhood, three-year-old Hannah Wesche is fighting for her life after being severely beaten by her 35-year-old babysitter.

Babysitter abused child, leaving her with life-threatening injuries

ABC News reports authorities found the young girl unresponsive after the babysitter called 911. The toddler was struggling to breathe and had bruises all over her face.

The babysitter, Lindsay Partin, later admitted to “striking and shaking” the child, but claims the child fell and hit her head on the concrete floor.

Three-year-old Hannah was flown to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where she was later declared brain dead, as her heart and lungs could no longer function without the help of machines. 

babysitter abused child

Babysitter abused child — Kaitlyn Wesched shared a photo of her baby sister fighting for her life, urging her Facebook friends to pray for her survival. | Image source: Kaitlyn Wesche Facebook page

Hannah’s father, Jason Wesche, is devastated that his little girl might not make it. 

“I mean, it’s unimaginable. I can’t begin to explain the feeling of losing a child at the hands of this… of just a violent act. Hannah was great,” he told WWSB, lamenting how doctors told hims his daughter is not expected to survive the next couple of days. 

The little girl’s aunt, Meghan, condemned the “inhuman act,” describing her beloved niece as a “sassy and bubbly” kid.

As of this writing, investigation is still ongoing. Partin was released on a cash bond on 12 March. No details have been released about her next court date.

A Facebook page dedicated to Hannah’s fight to survive has been set up by the Wesche family. You can show your support here

Babysitter abused child: Choosing the right nanny could save a child’s life; here’s how to screen a potential child caregiver properly

babysitter abused child

Babysitter abused child — Even if a potential nanny looks good on paper, BE EXTRA THOROUGH with your screening process! | Image source: Dreamstime

This tragedy is a sobering reminder for mums and dads. When leaving your children in the care of someone else, remember that they are still practically a stranger. So thorough screening before you employ them is of utmost importance. 

In Singapore, there are numerous horror stories that can serve as warnings to parents. In the year 2017 alone, a maid allegedly solicited sex and abused a young girl by forcing her to touch herself. One case involved a maid scalding a young boy with hot oil, while another maid maltreated a boy who was bedridden

Hopefully, when mums and dads know how to spot a cruel nanny before it’s too late, these cases will become a rare occurrence.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when interviewing a potential nanny or domestic helper: 

  • Don’t decide after one interview. Yes, they might seem great and you could REALLY use the extra help. But you should not pressure yourself into hiring just anyone. Be objective and interview them several times before deciding.
  • Give them specific scenarios during interviews. Ask them what they would do if, say, a child falls and hits their head. How would they respond if a child throws a tantrum? You can tell a lot about how they speak or even react to certain questions.
  • Be creative with background checks. Even if you are hiring with the help of an agency, do your own research beforehand. Checking their social media activity, for instance, is an excellent tool to get to know a potential hire. 
  • Check with previous employers. If possible, arrange video chats or one-on-one meetings with their past employers, especially if you are considering hiring a transfer maid
  • Trust your instincts. At the end of the day, no amount of screening can take the place of good ol’ parental protective instincts. If something feels “off,” don’t just brush it aside. Trust what your instincts tell you because they’re often correct.

Remember: Screen potential nannies thoroughly, even if they look good on paper — it is a MUST. Sometimes, we have to assume the worst in order to hire the best.

What other screening tips would you recommend, mums and dads? Let us know in the comments below. 


Sources: ABC News, Boston Children’s Hospital

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