Baby's liver fails again after organ transplant

Baby's liver fails again after organ transplant

8-month-old Kingsley suffered a series of setbacks as treatments to his condition failed to work.

Eight-month-old Kingsley's liver function started failing in September. That was the start of the family's turmoil. The New Paper covered the arduous journey Madam Zhang Ying and her husband, Mr Lawrence Xia has had to go through.

Kingsley was born with jaundice, which may be an indicator for liver failure. When the condition persisted even after two months, he had to be hospitalised. Initial testings showed cleared the eight-month-old of Biliary Atresia, which is an impediment of one or more bile ducts, which relieved the couple to no end.

The period of bliss did not last long for the unfortunate couple. September heralded Kingsley's liver failure. When Madam Zhang found out that she was the only compatible donor in the family, she did not hesitate and went forth to donate part of her liver for her baby in a transplant in November.

That only bought them a few weeks of reprieve. A few weeks ago, Kingsley's liver function began to fail once again. The lack of information on the cause of Kingsley's condition worried the couple, but they place their son's recovery as their first priority.

Things do not look good for the family.

"A few days ago, the doctors were implying that we should be mentally prepared for anything that happens.

"Now, I'm not too certain. There's an infection that is going on in him and he's in a pretty critical condition, but his deterioration is slowing down. It could be because the doctors are also using new antibiotics, but we don't know yet."

Kingsley's liver function is currently being supported with doctors ruling out liver re-transplantation at the moment. The couple hopes that the new batch of donors will have a suitable liver that will work out.

We at theAsianparent send our love to the Xia family.

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