Adorable baby with half a head and skull meets Santa for the first time

Adorable baby with half a head and skull meets Santa for the first time

15-month-old Jaxon Strong has a rare brain malformation called microhydranencephaly... but this doesn't stop him from living his life to the fullest! Read about this incredible baby here.

Jaxon Strong is indeed a miracle baby and he is indeed strong, like his name suggests.

This little one was born with a rare and extreme brain malformation called  microhydranencephaly, which means he is missing half his brain and skull.

Beating all odds stacked against him by living past birth, in August this year, the little boy celebrated his first birthday. Now, it looks like Jaxon is having quite the eventful festive season, meeting Santa for the first time!

Hi parents, Brittany and Brandon, have shared adorable photos of Jaxon and Santa's meeting on a Facebook page created to raise awareness about the baby's condition.

Jaxon's parents are incredible proud of their little boy, writing on their Facebook page soon after he celebrated his first birthday:

"Jaxon has already shown how strong, smart, and special he is, accomplishing feats that doctors doubted he'd ever be able to do, shows improvements each and every day, and just reached a miraculous milestone in celebrating his first birthday."

According to NBC News, the little boy is even communicating, saying "mama" and "dada", and he also has great eye contact and head control.

He also "smiles, follows things that interest him with his eyes and grabs his toys."

Jaxon gets most of his nourishment through a feeding tube, but he also loves getting yummy tidbits from his parents sometimes and his dad says he loves the flavour of these treats.

The little boy also receives occupational and physical therapy, and his case is so rare that doctors have stopped giving the family a prognosis.

His dad told NBC news, "They're [doctors] just fascinated — they keep using that word — fascinated by Jaxon. He's writing his own story, he is his own person, so they can't tell us what's around the corner.

"We're prepared that any day could be his last because of what he faces, but he really is not showing signs of being weaker. He's actually doing the opposite, he's showing improvements."

We at theAsianparent wish this brave little troooper all the best and know that he will continue to amaze the world with his development!

Watch this video below for more on Jaxon and his condition: 

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Paige Li

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