Get Your Baby To Sleep Well In A Hotel Room With These 5 Mummy Hacks

Get Your Baby To Sleep Well In A Hotel Room With These 5 Mummy Hacks

Putting a baby down to sleep in a cold, unfamiliar place can be quite the challenge. Here are some ways to make it easier.

How to get your baby to sleep in a hotel room, has been the commonest worry amongst all parents.

When you were single the only thing you probably worried about was how many cute outfits you could pack in one suitcase, or how many activities you could fit in one tour while still making the most out of your luxurious hotel room.

Once you become a mum, not only do you get caught up in making sure you pack all of your baby’s essentials; you know you have to be prepared for just about anything while in transit and once you get to your destination.

Getting babies to sleep in a plane is obviously a challenge, but one unexpected hurdle parents face is putting them to sleep once they get to the hotel room.

To you, a hotel room may be a fancy, relaxing hideaway, but to your little one, it can seem like a cold, unfamiliar place.

Here’s how to make it a little homier so your precious baby can enjoy their slumber, based on advice from mums online.

Getting your precious baby to sleep in a hotel room requires mummy resourcefulness

1. Pick the best room (or suite) for you

baby to sleep in a hotel room

It’s all about choosing the right room. Most parents will agree that choosing a single room for you and your baby is a no-no. You’ll probably be better off booking adjoining rooms or a suite.

But if your budget won’t allow an extra room, you can make sure to select a single room away from foot traffic, preferably at the end of the hall. Choosing a room with windows that aren’t hit by direct sunlight could also help your little one get some naps in during the daytime.

2. But be open to alternatives

Before you even get to your room, reach out to management or the front desk officer to make sure they have given you the best possible room. If you find that the room you are placed in is either too bright or too noisy, speak up. If they can’t transfer you, then booking an Airbnb might be the best option.

3. Pack soothing devices

Get Your Baby To Sleep Well In A Hotel Room With These 5 Mummy Hacks

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Night lights and pacifiers should be as high a packing priority as diapers and milk bottles. They will be your best friend once your little one throws the greatest bedtime fit ever just because they crave the familiarity of home.

Once you manage to get them to sleep, devices to “soothe” mommy and daddy, like a baby monitor, could also help put your mind at ease enough to enjoy some much needed alone time.

4. Create a safe sleep space for your baby

If your baby is used to sleeping in her own crib, then you naturally might find it difficult to get them to sleep in a regular bed. Though some hotels offer cribs for guests with infants to use, this isn’t always the case. So it’s best to be prepared.

One way to recreate their familiar sleeping space is to bring along a portable crib on your trip. Babies sleep better when a room is cool and dark. To achieve this, you can clip extra blankets onto curtains, for instance. Or tape the curtains in such a way that shuts out too much light.

This is where your ever-dependable mummy resourcefulness comes in! A little effort and you can get your baby to sleep in a hotel room beautifully.

5. Pretend you’re not on vacation

Get Your Baby To Sleep Well In A Hotel Room With These 5 Mummy Hacks

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Lastly, a great mummy hack would be to pretend you’re not in a hotel at all. Sure, the sheets might have a higher thread count and air conditioning may be more centralised than your own home, but your baby does not have to know this.

It’s all about being consistent with your bedtime routine. Be sure to pack familiar crib mobiles, play familiar sounds, or sing beloved lullabies. You know your baby best.

Once your little one has drifted off, have some fun with the hubby out on the balcony or catch up on some TV (with the volume down, obviously. Thank goodness for subtitles!) and of course, don’t forget to catch up on some Zs as well, mummy!

You have a long day of fun ahead of you.

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