Baby ‘rescues’ this adopted dog from a life of fear! Heart melting, this!

Baby ‘rescues’ this adopted dog from a life of fear! Heart melting, this!

A pet is supposed to be good for the emotional well-being of most everyone in a family. However, this baby's arrival uplifts this rescued dog's life. Sigh!

When Sarah Mavro adopted Weezy from an animal shelter, little must have she thought of his fear towards almost everything. The pet was adopted from a shelter in Alberta. A grey hound, he was scared of anything and everything, according to this report. Three long years with Sarah and her family, Weezy was still not over his fear of noise, people and anything that moved.

Then someone waltzed into his life and he was a changed dog. Sarah had a baby. Apparently, ever since baby Evan’s arrival, Weezy and the baby have become so attached that it’s unbelievable. What's more, Weezy is actually opening up and less scared. If the above picture wasn’t enough to prove it, check out this video of the baby and Weezy, uploaded on Sarah’s Instagram page. Downright adorable, eh?

Weezy you poor girl. 👶🏼🐶

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Having a pet at home is a big responsibility. As much as they bring joy and unconditional love to the family, they also demand good care and attention. My daughter has been insisting that we get home a pet. As much as I love the idea of having one around, my husband and I don't think we are ready for the commitment that having a pet requires.

If you already have kids and they are old enough to take care of the pet with your help, then perhaps it’s something you could consider. However, if it’s the other way round, and you already have a pet and are expecting a baby, you may want to keep these essential tips in mind:

  • Who’s the boss? As soon as you realise you are pregnant, it’s time for you to sit back and jot down whatever behavioural issues you feel your pet has. Nine months is a long enough time to train your pet (better if the pet is not too old), calm him down and get rid of unwanted habits. You could also rely on a professional’s help in helping your pet unlearn old habits and pick up some kid-friendly ones. As long as the pet knows that you are the boss and what you say needs to be followed, there is little reason to worry.
  • Scent of the baby: Before getting the baby home from the hospital, get home an item with your baby’s scent. Let your pet sniff it from a distance while you hold the item. This will make him feel that the item belongs to you and will also familiarise him with the baby.
  • Draw boundaries and stick to them: Teach your pet that the baby’s nursery or the crib is out of reach for him. Create an invisible barrier that the pet can’t cross without your permission or presence. He will gradually pick up what is fine and what’s unacceptable to you and adhere to the boundaries.

Having a pet at home is a joy that cannot be compared with. They can only shower unconditional love and all they expect in return is some love. I hope before soon it’s time for us to have a pet of our own. Here's to some happy petting.

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