This baby and puppy nap session will melt your heart

This baby and puppy nap session will melt your heart

Try watching this insanely cute video without saying, "aww!"

There’s just something about babies and puppies that makes your heart melt. There’s something even more heart melting about babies and puppies together!

You could quite literally be having the worst day in the history of your life, and have a sudden change of heart at the sight of cute babies and puppies. They’re both adorable, they’re both tiny—I mean what’s not to love, people?

What I’m trying to say is that it’s simple math:


Babies + Puppies = Cuteness


With that simple arithmetic in mind, how about I stop ranting on and show you what you really want? BABIES AND PUPPIES!

baby puppy nap sesh

I honestly can't tell who is more cozy, the puppies or the baby. Either way this baby and puppy nap is absolutely adorable!

baby puppy nap sesh 2

If this doesn't cheer you up, I'm not sure what will! This is too cute to handle.

Want more of this insanely cute baby and puppy nap session? Watch the full video below:

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