Netizens Melt At Baby's Obedient And "Magical" Bottom Upon Mother's Touch!

Netizens Melt At Baby's Obedient And "Magical" Bottom Upon Mother's Touch!

Just more reason to love babies!

Babies constantly amaze us with the adorable things they do — putting smiles on our faces and bringing joy to our lives. If you’re in need of stress relief, this cute baby movement involving a tiny, obedient bum-bum, will definitely make your day. 

Cute Baby Movement Makes Netizens Melt!

A Taiwanese netizen posted a video on a social networking site group recently. The netizen said that families with babies six months and below should try doing this to witness a “good show”. It is so cute and adorable too! 

cute baby movement

Baby lies face down while mother plays with her baby. | Picture credits: screengrab from Bastille Post

This darling little baby obediently wiggles her tiny tush from left to right and right to left when her mummy  stroke both sides of her back, left and right. 

You can watch the adorable bum-wriggle below:  

Interestingly, the baby’s lower body curves towards the side that is being stroked. So, when stimulated on the right side, the body will curve right, and vice versa on the left side.  

cute baby movement

How can anyone not melt when they see this? Way too adorable. | Picture credits: Screengrab from ETtoday

This won the public’s interest with many wanting to try this out with their own babies too. 

Some comments from ETtoday include「明天可以試試」(can try this tomorrow)、「叫姐姐玩一下」(get baby’s sister to play along)、「好療癒啊XD」(great healing)、「屁屁好可愛」(cute bottom)、「一直弄到最後以後都不怕癢了」(keep playing with baby until they don’t feel ticklish in the future)、「我也要玩」(I want to play too)、「怎麼這麼可愛」(why so cute).

The science behind this cute baby movement

According to EBC News, this behaviour is actually termed as 加蘭特反射 or the Galant reflex where the baby’s body will reactively bend towards the stimulated side when they are stroked on both sides of their lower backs.

It occurs from babies’ birth until they are around four to six months old. 

cute baby movement

Baby’s body follows the mother’s hand movements. | Picture credits: screengrab from EBC News

But apparently, there seems to be more than meets the eye to this cute baby movement! 

A researcher has pointed out that this muscle exercise is extremely important for newborns as their nervous system is still developing.

Definitely good news for all, but parents should not overdo this with their babies.  Also, remember while tummy time is certainly good for babies of this age, they should never be left unattended on their tummies. Neither should they be put down on their tummies to sleep. 

Meanwhile, we definitely can’t help but replay the video over and over again!


Source: Retained Neonatal ReflexesETtoday, Bastille Post

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Jia Ling

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