Mother watches husband kill baby on horrific live video

Mother watches husband kill baby on horrific live video

How cold-blooded can one get to actually kill their own child?

No one wants to be stuck in an abusive relationship. However, for some, they feel they have no option but to stay suffering in the cycle of abuse.  One mother who stayed in an abusive relationship had to endure unbelievable violence… not towards herself, but towards her innocent baby. She had to witness her baby killed on live video, by none other than the baby’s violent, suicidal father. 

Baby Killed On Live Video In Horror Case

baby killed on live video

Father, Wuttisan “Tei” Wongtalay, and his daughter “Beta”. (Photo: Screengrab from YouTube)

A Thai man filmed himself killing his 11-month-old baby, Beta, in two video clips which were shared on his social media page, according to police on the island of Phuket. He committed suicide afterwards by hanging himself.

As told to CNN by Group Capt. Somsak Khaosuwan, Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the two video clips showing the child’s death were posted for about 24 hours.

What’s worse is that Jiranuj Trairat, Beta’s mother, had to witness the imminent killing live with “increasing horror and helplessness”. 

Jiranuj was with her cousin then; the cousin was scrolling through social media on his phone, when all of a sudden, he started shouting Beta’s name. Becoming increasingly distressed, Jiranuj “grabbed his phone”.  

She saw that her baby was sitting with a rope around her neck and her father was tying the rope with something. 

“I knew something very bad was about to happen,” Jiranuj said.

She told her cousin to contact the police while she raced to her home in Phuket, Thailand, in an attempt to save her daughter — but to no avail.

“I saw that live picture around 5 p.m., and when I arrived it was 6 p.m.,” Jiranuj said. 

Both bodies were found hanging in an abandoned building in the Sakhu area of the southern Thai island. The father’s lifeless body was found beside his daughter, said Jullaus Suvannin, the police officer in charge of the case.

baby killed on live video

Baby killed on live video: a heartbreaking experience for young mother, Jiranuj Trairat, who mourned the death of both husband and baby. (Photo: Screengrab from NY Post)

Deputy police spokesman, Kissana Phathanacharoen, said that the killing was the first in Thailand known to be broadcast live in this manner. 

How Did It All Start?

Police said that the baby’s father had an abusive history towards his wife.

The day before his suicide, they had a nasty fight. She eventually left the family home as she was threatened by him. 

“He was having paranoia about his wife leaving him and not loving him,” Jullaus told Reuters. 

Netizens’ Response

This incident has led netizens to voice their outrage of the baby’s killing. 

One of them, Avada Teeraponkoon, said that it is “the most evil clip” she has seen in her life. “I couldn’t stand it for more than one second.”

“How can he watch his own child stop breathing?” said another, Rujirek Polglang, and said that he should have just died alone.

Here at theAsianparent, our hearts go out to the young mother who has lost her most precious possession. 

Please note that in Singapore, you are never alone if you find yourself in an abusive relationship. 

You can contact AWARE on 1800 777 5555, (Monday – Friday, 3pm to 9.30pm)  to speak to a trained Helpliner and receive support through the phone.

You can also make an appointment to speak to a counsellor or lawyer. All calls and cases are kept strictly confidential.

The AWARE Helpline is run by women, for women.

Source: CNN, New York Post

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