Baby bonding tips for Dad

Baby bonding tips for Dad

Fatherhood might not come naturally for every dad so we share some of these top tips for daddies to bond with their little tot.

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Bonding with a newborn is extremely important to a father-child relationship

Bonding with your newborn can be overwhelming so here are a few fun tips that can help you develop a special tight bond with your little one.

Sing your way to his heart
Singing is a great way to soothe a baby and the little one needs to know that she can count on Daddy to calm her down when she gets cranky. A father’s strong reassuring voice will also make the little one feel connected to their father.

Hold me
There is no better way to connect with someone then through touch. So hold your baby often. Carry them, hug them, hold their hand, kiss them. The sensory effect of physical affection between baby and daddy will allow the baby to grow closer emotionally with her daddy.

My eyes adore you
Don’t underestimate the power of sight. When holding or cradling your baby, make sure he or she can look up into your eyes. This will help not only with strengthening the parent – child bond but it will allow your baby to recognise you and imitate your facial features, thus helping in his or her development.

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Spend some quality bonding time with your baby

Try to get some alone time with your baby without the missus. In fact, according to a study, babies whose fathers spend more time alone with them show more exploratory behavior.

We recommend taking the night shift once in awhile. This not only allows you to spend precious time with the little one, soothing him/her and rocking them back to sleep, it also gives your wife a chance to get some well deserved rest!

Doctor, Doctor
Attend all doctor’s appointments with your baby, be it standard immunisations and health checks or more specialised pediatric appointments. These visits provide ways for you to participate and gain information firsthand on your child’s well being.

Be silly
Take and embrace the role of ‘Fun Dad’ and start by just making silly faces that will make your baby gurgle with joy. As they grow older, get involved by playing games such as peek-a-boo or even dancing around the house with the little one strapped to your chest.


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