This video of a baby biting while breastfeeding will make your nips hurt!

This video of a baby biting while breastfeeding will make your nips hurt!

Ouch! Mummies, have you been through this horror too?

Any breastfeeding mum can tell you how bad it hurts- when your baby bites while nursing. The pain is excruciating and can bring a tear to your eye. This recent viral video though, shows how a baby bites while nursing then laughs. 


Video shows how a baby bites while nursing then laughs

The video was first posted to Ông Bố Hoàn Hảo's Facebook page, and is the stuff mummy horror movies are made of.

An adorable little baby is seen using the mummy's nipple as a chewy teether. He stretches the nipple so hard, like a rubber band, that we worry if he's going to break it off her body. A difficult watch, this.

Strangely, the mummy in question doesn't seem to mind at all...she is not heard screaming, or resisting the little one's efforts to chew on her nipple.

Mummies, have you been through this horror too?

Watch the video, which has been shared more than 34,000 times:

Baby bites while nursing: What to do

There are a number of reasons why babies bite during nursing:

  • Teething

Your little one might be experiencing discomfort and pain associated with teething. Biting is probably his way to soothe himself.

  • Improper latching

Check your baby's latch. If he's well attached, he shouldn't be able to bite.

According to experts at the Australian Breastfeeding Association, “When a baby is breastfeeding correctly, he is not able to bite, because his tongue is over his bottom gum (and teeth)." 

  • Getting distracted

Most babies are known to bite at the end of a feed.

“It is when babies are not actively feeding that they may bite. This is usually at the beginning of the feed or at the end when you are not paying full attention to your baby, or they have had enough", says the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

  • Pulling sleeping baby off your breast

It is natural for babies to fall asleep at the breast. Pulling a sleeping baby off , might instinctively cause him to hang on to your nipple harder. 

To release his grip, slide one finger into the corner of his mouth, right between his gums. Use your finger to make him let go of your nipple gently.

baby bites while nursing then laughs

Here are some tips to stop a baby from biting while nursing:

  • If your baby bites down and doesn’t let go :

Quickly place your finger between teeth and nipple, so you can pull away safely.

Or instead of pulling the baby farther away, pull him towards you, very close to your breast. This will make it harder for him to breathe, so baby will instinctively open his mouth wider and let go of the nipple. 

  • If he's teething, massage his gums with a clean finger, or give him a teething toy before or after feeds to relieve his irritation.
  • Try your best not to react. Your little one is watching and observing every single thing you do. If you scream and make a big fuss, he might be amused and want to repeat his trick often just to see if it works every single time.
  • If you suspect the bite is due to an improper latch, try feeding your baby in a different position.
  • Recognise when he’s finished feeding. Take him off your breast if he’s falling asleep or as he begins to slow the intensity of his sucking.
  • If it's like a little game for the child, and you see your baby laughing after it, stop the feeding and firmly tell him “no”. Tell him that it hurts mummy when he bites. 

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