Your ultimate kids party checklist PLUS bespoke kids party options in Singapore

Your ultimate kids party checklist PLUS bespoke kids party options in Singapore

Don't miss out on these when planning your kid's dream party!

Kids’ themed birthday parties are a craze that doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Creativity is skyrocketing through the roof and more ingenious birthday ideas are surfacing. Some have it grand while others, small and intimate. It brings us to the billion dollar question: how much does an average birthday party cost? 

Truth be told, bespoke parties can be costly but you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket! While you can pay more to have everything done up for you (to ease you from the burden of planning), you could also rope in your closest buds to help organise and DIY, even! Besides, there are many affordable venues and catering options you can choose from.

There’s indeed loads to prepare, but don’t get flustered just yet! We share a handy birthday party checklist and some potential costs for your reference. 

Your handy birthday party checklist

How much do you think an average birthday party cost? Hundreds? Thousands? It is okay if you want to splurge a little more but there are ways that you can help keep your budget to a minimum. 

Think, plan and do! 

  • Is your party going to be a lavish or just a simple one? Traditional or modern?
  • Where are you going to hold it?
  • What are the must-haves?
  • Catered food or are you preparing it yourself?
  • Who are you going to invite?
  • What are some potential themes you can work with?
  • Will you be giving out a simple door gift or give out thoughtful goodie bags?
  • What would you like your guests to takeaway from the party? 
  • Most importantly, think of the budget you are comfortable working with and try to stick to it.

#1. Allocate a budget

  • Venue (if held outside of home) – is it going to be at a hotel, restaurant, activity centre, cafe, garden or a private function room? 
  • Catered food / self-prepared – if so, note down what you will need to prepare (ingredients, utensils, etc.)
  • Guest invites (factor in costs of printing)
  • Dessert table and birthday cake 
  • Decor (e.g. backdrop, balloons, flowers, props, photo wall)
  • Miscellaneous items (e.g. hand sanitiser, tissues, other items that may come in handy for guests and kids)
  • Door gift / goodie bags
  • Entertainment / activities for guests 

#2. Set the date, time and location

First, think of how many people you would like to invite. This can help you decide which location to choose that can accommodate to your desired number. 

You may also want to choose an accessible venue.

#3. Create a guest list and send out invites to guests

Send out the invitations in advance in case of disappointment.

#4. Book your chosen location in advance 

#5. Decide on the theme and decor

Here’s where the fun starts! Choose a theme. And now with your location set, you have a better idea on how you can spice up the place according to your chosen theme!

Let your creativity take to the skies. Whether or not you want to have a pajama party or an exquisite Great Gatsby party, it’s all in the name of fun! 

#6. Plan and ordering / preparation of food and birthday cake

Now that you’ve decided on the theme, and if you are catering food, do remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment and unexpected delays.

It would also be good to find out in advance if your guests have special dietary needs.

#7. Plan how the party will pan out PLUS entertainment and games

All lies in the details. Also, what’s a party without some interaction and fun games? If you have the budget, why not engage an external party like a magician? How about some balloon sculpting and arts and craft? Kids love all the hands-on stuff and themed activities! 

If all else fails, you can always do-it-yourself. Allow for sufficient time for your guests to move around and engage with one another — activities does not have to be scheduled back to back. 

#8. Purchase decor and miscellaneous items

Do you need items for your backdrop like streamers, inflated balloons and more? How about some props for that special photo memory? Don’t miss out on these details. 

Practicality wise, also consider what are some things you would need to have around to ensure comfort for your guests.

Protip: It would be handy to place hand sanitisers around the room to keep the little ones’ hands clean. They may move around a lot and engage in interactive activities. 

#9. Prep your goodie bags

Do you want to give something customised? Do remember to factor this into your costs as well. 

#10. Don’t worry too much,  just relax and enjoy the process and the day!

Average Birthday Party Cost: how much do party packages cost?

Some parents have no qualms in going all out in spending money — racking up to thousands of dollars — for an extravagant affair. But here, we share some affordable places to help guide an average birthday party cost. Here are some cool places to get your party packages from.

1. Thyme @ Aliwal Craft Cafe (formerly Eat Play Love)

Average Birthday Party Cost

Photo: Eat Play Love Cafe

Let nostalgia seep in with Thyme, a cosy cafe nestled in Aliwal street. Although it is no longer named Eat Play Love as it is now under a new management, the vibes are still the same. It’s also where you can find an exciting new menu of Western dishes with a few hints of Asian, incorporating all of the favorites from their Rochester outlet.

For the crafty littles ones (no pun intended), they can get their hands busy at Thyme’s free-play craft corner. A selection of free-flow crafts await, available at $5 per child. 

Perfect to hold a birthday party in this whimsical place. A minimum of 25 pax is required and the maximum capacity is 65 to 75 pax. 

Classic Party Packages (Lunch, Tea and Dinner)

  • Lunch (11am-2pm): $25 + per pax 
  • Tea (230pm- 530pm): $22.80 + per pax
  • Dinner (6pm-9pm): $25.90 + per pax

Each package comes with appetisers, mains, beverages, desserts. You can add on Beer (Draft- San Miguel) and/or Wine (House Pour) for a separate charge. 

Premium Party Packages (Lunch, Tea and Dinner)

  • Lunch (11am-2pm): $35.90+ per pax
  • Tea (230pm- 530pm): $32.90 + per pax 
  • Dinner (6pm-9pm): $37.90 +per pax

Each package comes with appetisers, mains, beverages, desserts. You can add on Beer (Draft- San Miguel) and/or Wine / Prosecco for a separate charge. 

Average Birthday Party Cost

How much would an average birthday party cost at Thyme? Pick between their classic and premium party packages. Add-on packages are also available. | Via [email protected] website

Décor and Balloon packages

From table and curtain backdrops to balloons, Thyme has got you covered. 

Table & Curtain Backdrop Package costs $125 and include items: balloon bundles, curtain backdrop, table, tablecloth, cake stand loan and artificial floral décor. 

As for their balloon packages, you can opt for the $50 package if you’re planning to take up a partial part of the café. If you’re using the entire space, you can choose the $100 package instead. Both packages will include balloon bundles with matching curling ribbon.

Important Pricing Information

For their Party Packages Menu, calendar availability date and how to book, please click here

*Prices are correct as of 2018. For updated version, always check directly with Thyme.

*Do refer to their Facebook updates for their latest weekend schedule as many of their weekends could be booked up. 


Thyme @Aliwal Café
28 Aliwal Street
#01-07, Aliwal Arts Center
Singapore 199918

2. Buds by Shangri-La

Average Birthday Party Cost

Image via Shangri-La Hotel

Hold your very own birthday party at Buds’ Party room and choose from three themes: Super Star, Wild World and Royal Fiesta! Celebrants are entitled to a play session and special themed activities!

Think an indoor play space transformed into a creative venue with loads of interactive activities (bake, storytelling and handicraft, groove to the music plus themed activities) as well as play sessions in their Explorer and Toddler zones.

Their party packages include everything that you may need from activities, food, party facilitator, cake, decor*, and add-ons on request.

For a start, how much?

For 12 kids including birthday celebrant: 

  • Play Party (Basic Package) at S$988 nett
  • Buds Party (Premium Package) at S$1388 nett (children above 4 years old only)

Keep things simple yet interactive and you can keep costs low for your party. An average birthday party cost really isn’t that expensive, if you can cut out all the frills.

For detailed information, please refer here. Do contact them for enquires and for a more accurate pricing according to your needs.

Contact: [email protected] or call (65) 6213 4833 / 6213 4844


3. Football Party at The Premier Pitch

Average Birthday Party Cost

Prep those jerseys, pronto! And check out the price lists below to get an average birthday party cost. (Photo: The Premier Pitch)

Isn’t this quite an unconventional venue for a party or celebration? 

Rock those jerseys on the playing field of The Premier Pitch at Turf City! Bibs and balls are available for use; the little ones are going to be wild with excitement, showing off their “moves” and kicking balls. 

You can opt for either the small pitch (16 kids) or big pitch (24 kids). And while you’re at it, why not hire a coach to turn up the party? Works as well if you have your own arrangement for a coach.

Apart from the football pitches, you can also expect on-site refreshments, shower and toilet facilities as well as parking.

How much for the birthday packages? 

Small pitch (60 minutes): Prices start at $159 (off peak) and $207 (peak)

Includes: small pitch and covered seating area + 1 carton of isotonic drinks (cans) and 1 carton of mineral water

*For extension every additional hour or part thereof: additional $60 (off peak) and $108 (peak).

Big pitch (60 minutes): Prices start at $219 (off peak) and $229 (peak)

Includes: big pitch and covered seating area + 1 carton of isotonic drinks (cans) and 1 carton of mineral water

*For extension every additional hour or part thereof: additional $110 (off peak) and $190 (peak).

For detailed information and terms and conditions, please visit The Premier Pitch’s page here.

Coach for hire: call Little League Pte Ltd at 64875185


4. Little House of Dreams

Average Birthday Party Cost


At the heart of Dempsey Hill lies Little House of Dreams, a bakery bistro that will surely arrest your eyes upon setting your sights on it. 

If you’re looking to host a party, look no further because they offer just that. They provide 3 indoor packages starting from $1,500 for a mini party of up to 25 pax. Even their outdoor lawn is available for booking (16 pax @ $500). 

Apart from that, they provide separate bespoke dessert table packages, savoury table packages, cakes, cupcakes, a la carte desserts and more! Fulfill what you need for that fabulous party to happen, right here.

You can even customise those sweet treats to the theme of your liking — leave it all to their expert hands. Plus, just look at that gorgeous table styling! Just note that their maximum capacity is 100 pax.

Average Birthday Party Cost

Average Birthday Party Cost in Singapore: Whether you want a Frozen, carnival, Great Gatsby theme, you can rest assured. Check out the price lists below to get an average birthday party cost. | Images: Little House of Dreams

Some important Pricing Information

Party Hosting 2019

Time slots available for 3-hour Party Session: 11am to 2pm / 3pm to 6pm / 7pm to 10pm

3 indoor packages:

  • Mini Party – Min. spend of $1,500 (up to 25pax)
  • Half Store – Min. spend of $3,400 (up to 50pax)
  • Full Store – Min. spend of $5,500 (up to 80pax) 

Buffet options: 

  • Set Menu A: Party Dandy $22.00/pax (7 items, inclusive of 1 cold beverage)
  • Set Menu B: Party Rockstar $26.00/pax (9 items, inclusive of 1 cold beverage)
  • Set Menu C: Party Superstar $30.00/pax (11 items, inclusive of 1 cold beverage)
  • Tea Party Menu: $18.00 /pax (7 items, inclusive of hot tea)

For full list of menu items, please view here.

Bespoke Dessert Table

  • Sophie (8″ cake + 3 items, 20pax) – $1,480.00 onwards
  • Juliet (6+8″ cake + 5 items, 40pax) – $1,800.00 onwards
  • Charlotte (6+8″ cake + 7 items, 50pax) – $2,000.00 onwards
  • Victoria (6+8″+10″ cake + 9 items, 70pax) – $2,400.00 onwards

Information and prices stated are correct at the time of posting. Always check with Little House of Dreams for the most updated version.

Little House of Dreams
Block 8 Dempsey Road #01-14 
Singapore 247696

For enquiries, email [email protected] 


5. Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP™

Average Birthday Party Cost

An average birthday party cost at Science Centre Singapore can range from $630 to $1,260 | Via Science Centre Singapore

Celebrate your child’s unique talents through Science at the Science Centre Singapore. With Science-related themed party packages such as Chemistry Artistry, Dazzle Razzle, Magic Makers and more, the little ones are bound to have smashing fun! And they will get to learn more about Science in a fun and interactive way!

If your child is between 3 to 8 years old, why not consider KidsSTOP™ Birthday Party Packages?

Packages include:

  • Science activities hosted by KidsSTOP™’s Science Educator
  • Birthday banner for the birthday child (3 – 8 years old)
  • Free-play time at KidsSTOP™ (entry for children only)
  • Customised gift for the birthday child (3 – 8 years old)
  • Standard invitation cards for guests
  • KidsSTOP™ gift for each child guest
 Number of children  Cost*
 Up to 15 children  $630
 Up to 20 children  $840
 Up to 25 children  $1,050
 Up to 30 children  $1,260

*Please note:

  • All prices are subjected to 7% GST
  • Each package are inclusive of birthday child
  • Each additional child aged 18 months to 12 years will be charged $45
  • KidsSTOP™ members are entitled to 10% discount off birthday party package rate

For EVERYTHING you need to know, from rates to frequently asked questions, please visit Science Centre Singapore here.

For more information on birthday party packages, please email them at [email protected].

We hope this article helped you to estimate how much the average birthday party cost and how you can better prep yourself for that big or small party. Most importantly, try to have fun during the process. 

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