This Aussie mum pushed out a 14 pound bundle of joy!

This Aussie mum pushed out a 14 pound bundle of joy!

Two words: no Epidural!

Pushing a regularly-sized baby out of your lady parts is tough enough, and more often than not calls for an epidural and other such pain relief for support.

None of this for one badass Aussie mum!

In January this year, Natashia Corrigan gave birth to her fourth child Brian Jr., who weighed 13.5 pounds (over 6kg) at birth – twice the national average. Remarkably, she pushed out her baby without an epidural and only with the help of ‘laughing gas’ (50% nitrous oxide, 50% oxygen).

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Weighing the young man | Image: Natashia Corrigan’s Facebook page

After the birth, Natashia told 7 News First, “I’ve always wanted a little fat baby and I’ve got a big one!”

Mummy had been told during her pregnancy that her baby would be on the heavier size, as he weighed in at nine pounds at the 36-week mark. But she never expected him to be this heavy! In fact, this big little one could possibly be the heaviest baby born in Victoria.

“I think I was in a bit of shock because the birth was natural and I only had gas so I was still in a bit of shock just from that,” Natashia said.

Baby Brian went straight into size 0 clothing, and certainly, no newborn nappies for this little one!

This Aussie mum pushed out a 14 pound bundle of joy!

Mummy and baby now | Image: Natashia Corrigan’s Facebook page

Tips for the vaginal delivery of a big baby

If you find out during your pregnancy that your baby is larger than average, but you would still like to opt for a vaginal birth, keep these tips in mind:

  • A bigger baby doesn’t necessarily have a bigger head. And it’s the head that is usually the toughest to deliver. Remember: baby fat is squishy and slips through easily!
  • Use positions that take advantage of gravity during labour, such as using a birth chair or ball, standing or squatting. This helps baby get into the correct position for birth faster.
  • Try not to be on your back during the pushing stage. Being on all fours helps with the delivery of a larger baby as it allows your coccyx to move, giving baby more space to move through the birth canal.
  • Massage your perineum with olive oil or wheatgerm oil in order to minimise the risk of tearing.

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