Ask the expert about dental problems in children

Ask the expert about dental problems in children

Our expert, paediatric dentist, Dr. Terry Teo will answer your queries on dental problems in children.

Half of all children in Singapore have tooth decay by the time they are six years of age. In fact, tooth decay affects children from as early as their first birthday.

Not many parents are aware, however, of the importance of dietary and oral hygiene habits in the prevention of this disease.

Dental problems in children

Instilling good oral hygiene habits in young children is crucial for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

The way you care for your teething child and other habitual factors can lead to the development of crooked teeth at a young age. More alarming, though, is that early dental problems can affect your child’s smile all the way into adulthood.

Childhood accidents are common, and many young children fall at home or at the playground, severely knocking their front baby teeth. This not only leads to pain and infection, but also affects the healthy growth and development of the underlying permanent teeth.

With childhood dental problems having repercussions on future dental health, it is thus important to diagnose and rectify these issues early on, so as to prevent them from worsening or leading to further problems down the road.

The Dental Studio and theAsianparent have teamed up to help you.

Dr. Terry Teo will be answering questions from our readers about dental problems in all children from birth to adolescence.

This is your opportunity to send in any questions that you may have about your child’s oral health and dental development, because getting it right from the start will benefit them greatly in the future.

Dental problems in children

Sweets, candies and chocolates are the major cause of tooth decay in children

Dr. Teo will go through each query personally and answer four weeks after submission.

About Dr. Terry Teo

Dr. Teo is a specialist paediatric dentist and practices full-time at The Dental Studio.

He started his career as a dental surgeon treating both adults and children in government service, but soon realized his calling in the unique challenges and rewards of childrens’ dentistry.

Dr. Teo was then awarded a Singapore Ministry of Health Post-Graduate Scholarship to pursue a three-year specialist-training course at University College London’s Eastman Dental Institute, one of the top institutions for dentistry in the world.

Dental problems in children

Dental Studio’s Dr. Terry Teo will answer your questions about dental problems in children.

Having published and presented his research widely in the field of paediatric dentistry, he has also garnered more than ten years of experience handling all child-related dental issues from comprehensive oral care to complex congenital dental deformities.

He maintains a special interest in paediatric behaviour management and the dental care of children with special needs.

Apart from being a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine and a senior member of the Ethics and Practice Management Committee of the Singapore Dental Association, he is currently one of the few paediatric dental specialists in Singapore recognized by the Singapore Dental Council.

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About The Dental Studio

The Dental Studio believes that a beautiful smile is a radiant extension of one’s personality and self-esteem. It thus comprises of a team of experts in each sub-specialty of dentistry, working together to give their patients the gold-standard in dental care.

Dental problems in children

The Dental Studio at Paragon Mall

Each specialist at The Dental Studio has undergone extensive academic and clinical training beyond what most dentists receive, making them authorities in their own field of gum treatment, oral surgery, orthodontics, implant dentistry, prosthodontics and paediatric dentistry.

The Dental Studio has a specialist to master any dental concern their patients may present, allowing every single patient to achieve that radiant perfect smile.

Location and contact information of The Dental Studio:

Address: Paragon 290 Orchard Road #13-01/06 Singapore 238859. (Take Lifts via Lobby 2, Nearest to Cedele and Citibank ATMs)

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +65 6836 0050

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9am to 6pm.


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