Ask the Expert: C-sections and 1500 days of nutrition

Ask the Expert: C-sections and 1500 days of nutrition

Thank you for your question submissions regarding C-sections. In this segment, we would like to bring your thoughts to nutrition in the first 1500 days of your child’s life and why it is crucial for your child’s growth and development. Read on below.


Nutrition in your child’s first 1500 days has a major impact his future.

Nutrition in early life affects us throughout life. What your child eats today has a major impact on his future tomorrow. Mothers should note that nutrition before birth has a long-term impact; so pregnant mums should take sufficient essential nutrients due to increased nutritional needs. Supplement your diet with BL® Bifidus probiotics, iron, calcium, DHA and folic acid to reduce birth defects.

Many unwelcomed health problems such as obesity and cardiovascular conditions are attributed to lack of proper nutrition early in life. How can you be sure that your child gets the nutrients they need to grow well both physically and mentally?

Breastfeed your child. Breastmilk provides the essential nutrition your child needs from birth. If you are unable to breastfeed, speak with your healthcare professional to discuss the alternatives you can consider.

Nestlé Start Healthy Stay Healthy TM is Nestlé’s commitment to help support the growth and development of babies by helping mothers establish healthy eating habits for them at each developmental stage. Nestlé’s belief is that good nutrition starts with breastfeeding, followed by stage appropriate feeding choices. To deliver on that belief, Nestlé combines science, education and product innovation.

Nestlé Start Healthy Stay HealthyTM helps mothers nurture happy, healthy babies, one baby at a time.

Watch the video to find out more.

Thank you for all your questions on C-sections. Ask The Expert is back by popular demand this year due to the overwhelming response in 2012.

In case you didn’t already know, babies delivered via C-section are more prone to infectious diseases and can develop respiratory and digestive issues. Why? Reason being, C-section babies fail to receive their mother’s ‘protective’ good bacteria that are transferred during a natural birth.

Some of your questions to the expert have been answered last year. Please check out the series of questions and answers regarding your C-section concerns. Click below according to the question of your choice to watch Dr Ang’s answers in video form:

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3. What is the recovery time after a C-section delivery?

4. Why will my baby get less nutrients, probiotics and a protective barrier if delivered via C-section?

5. Will the surgery have an impact on breastfeeding?

Stay tuned to part 2 of Dr Ang’s answers to your C-section queries.

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