'Ask the Expert’: Should I choose a C-section to avoid delivery pain?

'Ask the Expert’:  Should I choose a C-section to avoid delivery pain?

Thank you for all your questions regarding C-sections! Our expert Dr. Ang Huai Yan is here to advise you on a question that arouses much curiosity.

'Ask the Expert’:  Should I choose a C-section to avoid delivery pain?

Pregnancy brings many questions, one most commonly pondered is the level of pain the delivery process involves. Many women are under the impression that a C-section can be a route to avoid pain. Dr. Ang Huai Yan, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Expert at Gleneagles Hospital, shares her thoughts on this query that was sent in by a curious Dad-to-be.

My wife wants to undergo a C-section because she is afraid of the pain and uncertainties that a natural birth may bring. Which procedure would you advice for a first delivery?

Dr. Ang explains that unless there is a medical reason for undergoing a C-section, she would encourage all women who have no contraindication to a natural birth to opt for this process.

There are many benefits to undergoing a natural delivery. These can benefit both the mother as well as the baby:

Faster recovery

A C-section requires a longer healing process for the mother in comparison to recovery from a natural delivery. An exact amount of time cannot be tied to either delivery as this varies from one mother to another, but the normal healing time for a C-section is estimated at one month The wounds from a natural delivery are known to heal much faster in comparison, making post-delivery an easier period. This gives the mother more time to bond with her baby

Lower levels of pain

Natural deliveries leave a smaller wound in comparison to those left by a C-section. As mentioned, the faster healing process also means that the levels of pain endured after a natural birth are much less painful. The aftermath of a C-section can be an uncomfortable period.

You can repeat the process Women who undergo repeated C-sections may incur injuries to the bladder or intestines during the separation of adhesions. As exceeding a certain number of C-sections can be dangerous for the mother, this is not recommended. There is however, no limit to the number of natural deliveries one woman can have.

Lower risks

There can be complications associated with C-sections. These include the risks involved whilst under anaesthesia as well as those that can occur through the operation process. There is also a higher risk of wound infection when C-sections are conducted, especially in women who have medical conditions such as obesity or diabetes.

Natural birth benefits

Babies born via a natural delivery obtain good protective bacteria (known as probiotics) from the mother’s birth canal.  Thus, the risk of getting allergies and wet lung conditions is low. This helps to build a stronger level of immunity for the child.

To avoid delivery pain, many women today opt for pain free deliveries.  This is available due to a new breakthrough in science. The advent of epidurals helps to reduce pain during labour.

'Ask the Expert’:  Should I choose a C-section to avoid delivery pain?


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