Are Fann Wong and Christopher Lee expecting baby number two?

Are Fann Wong and Christopher Lee expecting baby number two?

We love social media for things like this. Fann Wong and Christopher Lee have uploaded a picture on Instagram, hinting a second baby is on the way.

Good afternoon! We will be shouldering a new responsibility! 我们又要肩负新的重任了!❤️✨💫 @aiainbaby

A photo posted by ✨🌟Fann Wong💋💋 (@fannaiaiwong) on

Just a few hours ago, the celebrity couple put up a picture on their respective Instagram accounts of Chris hugging Fann from behind, with both their hands placed on her tummy. Aaw, how sweet.

With similar captions that said: “Good afternoon! We will be shouldering a new responsibility!”, this pictorial declaration has made fans of the artistes super excited.

Reports have shown that Christopher has denied it when asked if Zed (the couple's made-in-Singapore son) is going to be a big brother soon. Perhaps in three months, we will hear an official announcement from the second time parents-to-be? According to Chinese customs, it is taboo to announce a pregnancy within the first trimester.

If baby number two is for real, it will be a double celebration for Fann and Chris as they celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary at the end of this month.

Well, what do you think? Does a picture speak a thousand words?

Keep watching this space for updates- we're keeping our eyes and ears open!

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Pavin Chopra

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