An unmemorable c-section

An unmemorable c-section

Jeanz Tan shares her labour story with

I had normal delivery for my 1st and 2nd kids, although they weren't easy too.  But my 3rd pregnancy delivery was the most memorable - I has some complication due to total placenta previa.

I had bleeding at 28 weeks and was Admitted to Mt Alvernia although I did not know what was happening until my gynae informed me it was placenta previa which is very dangerous, and can lead to coma death due to loss of too much blood.

I also risk losing my womb or death as our c section is quite different.  When the gynae operation and cut on my tummy is the placenta already that will lead of blood lost. When everytime and during 37 weeks which is on the day before of my operation my doctor ask me to be prepare for the worse. I always hide in at one corner and cry and even wrote my last wishes and informed my hubby to take good care of our 3 kids.

After being bedridden from 28 - 37 weeks without any bleeding, finally my delivery date arrived on 30 April 2009. My operation time was 11.30am. Before I was pushed into the surgery room, I met a lot of "big" doctors and all I heard was them telling me the worse thing and to be prepared.  The staff prepared a few packets of the blood for me but I was very surprised that I was very calm on the day. I was very happy to see my gynae arriving at 11.35am and 2 time of breathing the gases and I went into deep sleep. My hubby told me my baby was brought out at 11.40am and I woke up at 1.00pm.

I saw my gynae at 2.00pm and he told me I was unlucky.  And first thing I ask was "is my womb still there?" and he replied yes and not even a packet of blood was used. He told me that when he operated on me the, the blood vessel was so big and alot of blood was spilling out.

And I was supposed to put my baby umblical cord to cord bank but it is really sad that the doctor told me that the he unable to do it due to my blood flowing out too fast (if not I will die).

But after the surgery, the stitches was so painful I could not stand at all but still had to force myself to walk. I walked bending forward for 5 days and still able to bath my girls.

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