Amish's first day at primary school

Amish's first day at primary school

Mummy reader Aruna Mascarenhas shares her son's first day in primary school with us.

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Our Son Amish got his primary school admission into Kranji Primary School which is located in Yewtee. His first day of school was exciting and we, as parents were equally excited too. We knew it was going to be a totally new experience for him.

Especially different to his first day at Kindergarten, we had already prepared him for the changes that would take place once he started P1, e.g. school rules, recess time, when the school bus would pick him, if his things were lost whom he should report to, bullying/teasing/lending money to friends, when he should call home, and if he was sick or he injured himself he would have to inform his teacher and of course most importantly he should not be talking to strangers.

So finally came the big day... Amish was too excited to sleep any longer since he woke up very early that morning although his school would start only at 12.30 noon.

He was excited about a new school, meeting new teachers and above all making a couple of new friends. He just couldn't wait to put on his new uniform and shoes and once he got dressed and was ready with his packed bag, lunch box and water bottle and other essentials.

His Daddy took a picture of him (to remember) and we set out for his school. We reached there on time and at the main gate of the school, Amish was assisted in by one of the school teacher and we parents were asked to stay at the waiting area.

Once the school started the parents were asked to leave the school premises and we could come back and visit our child during recess and see how he was doing. So when we went back to his school at 3.00p.m.

We found him quite happy and cheerful and we were more than glad to find out that he had adjusted quite well although it was just his first day. When he got home from school that evening he told us he liked his school very much and his teacher was very nice and so were his classmates. We couldn't be more delighted to hear that, could we?

Till date he is one excited kid to go to school and hates weekends.

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