Amazon Prime Now is in Singapore finally, and here are the best deals for families!

Amazon Prime Now is in Singapore finally, and here are the best deals for families!

Here are some great deals for families we spotted on Amazon Prime Now in Singapore!

So, Amazon finally launched its Amazon Prime Now service in Singapore on Jul 26, on iTunes and Google Play stores. This is Amazon's debut in Southeast Asia, and it takes on local delivery services like FairPrice Online and RedMart.

Amazon Prime Now in Singapore!

Here are some things you need to know about Amazon Prime Now in Singapore (and don't forget to scroll down for some great deals we spotted):

  • Customers in Singapore are given two delivery options. 2-hour delivery for orders more than S$40 will be free.

For orders less than S$40, it will cost S$5.99 to deliver the orders within two hours, or S$9.99 for a faster 1-hour delivery. 2-hour delivery is available across all delivery areas. 1-hour delivery is only available in selected postal codes.

  • Delivery times are between 10am to 10pm, seven days a week, available across Singapore and Sentosa. Amazon does not currently deliver to the outlying islands. 
  • Amazon Prime Now allows customers to place orders for same-day or next-day deliveries.
  • If the delivery arrived later than stated, customers can reject the order. 

According to Channel NewsAsia, Mr Henry Low, director of Prime Now Asia Pacific, said that if there were missing products in the delivery, Amazon would refund the customers for them. He has been quoted as saying, "The most important thing is for customers to trust us." 

  • For a limited time, customers in Singapore will not need an Amazon Prime membership to try the Prime Now service. As of now it is not known when the limited-time access would end.
  • Currently, the listings on Amazon Prime Now include grocery and household items, electronics, toys and games, stationery and beauty products.

Meanwhile, here are some great deals (there are lots more!) for families we spotted, on Amazon Prime Now in Singapore:


  • Pampers Baby Dry Tape Diapers, Case, Pack of 4:  S$ 56 (U.P S$ 84, RedMart: S$ 59.85, FairPrice Online: $63)
  • Huggies Platinum Diapers Case (Pack Of 3): S$ 59.95 (U.P. S$ 80.85, RedMart: S$62.95, FairPrice Online: $67.35)

Amazon Prime Now in Singapore

Formula Milk

  • Wyeth Nutrition S-26 Progress GOLD Milk Powder, 1.6 kg: S$ 44.40 (U.P S$ 73.20, RedMart: S$ 73.20, FairPrice Online: S$ 66.70)
  • Bellamy's Organic Step 2 Follow on Formula, 900 g: S$ 52.90 (U.P. S$ 58.74, RedMart: S$ 54.90, FairPrice Online: S$ 52.90)
  • Friso Gold 3 milk powder, 1.8kg: S$ 76.00 ((U.P. S$ 81.00, RedMart: S$ 81.00, FairPrice Online: S$ 81.00)

Amazon Prime Now in Singapore

Baby and kids

  • Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion, 400 ml : S$ 18.67 (U.P S$ 24.90, RedMart:S$ 24.90, FairPrice Online: S$ 19.90)
  • Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo, 230 ml: S$ 9.67 (U.P S$ 12.90, RedMart:S$ 12.90, FairPrice Online: S$ 10.30)
  • Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturizing Wash and Shampoo, 354 ml: S$ 16.90 ((U.P S$ 22.90, RedMart:S$ 20.60, FairPrice Online: S$ 16.90)
  • Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion, 500 ml: S$ 7.69 ((U.P S$ 10.15, RedMart:S$ 9.10, FairPrice Online: S$ 9.10)
  • Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream, 150 ml: S$ 32.90 (U.P. S$ 43.90)

Household essentials & Misc

  • Dynamo Power Gel Detergent, 3 kg : S$ 8.40 (U.P S$ 13.35, RedMart:S$ 13.35, FairPrice Online: S$ 13.35)
  • Breeze Liquid Detergent, 3.8 L : S$ 9.30 (U.P S$ 12.40, RedMart:S$ 12.40)
  • Downy Anti-Bacterial Fabric Conditioner, 1.8 L: S$ 7.00 (U.P S$10.50, RedMart:S$ 9.45, FairPrice Online: S$ 10.50)
  • Persil Fibre Intelligent Low Suds Powder Detergent, 5kg: S$12.62 (U.P S$ 14.85, RedMart:S$ 14.00, FairPrice Online: S$ 13.95)
  • Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner, Lavender, 2.5 L: S$ 5.91 (U.P S$ 8.45, RedMart: S$ 6.75, FairPrice Online: S$ 7.25)

Amazon Prime Now in Singapore

  • Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash, 1L: S$ 6.50 (U.P. S$ 10.95)
  • Lifebuoy Anti Bacterial Body Wash, 1L: S$ 6.24 (U.P: S$ 9.90)
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, 200 ml: S$ 15.75 (U.P: S$ 22.50)
  • Listerine Mouthwash Zero, 1000 ml: S$ 6.65 (U.P S$ 9.50)
  • Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, Instant White, 100g: S$ 4.25 (U.P: S$ 8.50)
  • Oral B PRO 500 Electric Toothbrush: S$ 59.00 (U.P: S$ 99.00)
  • Kordel's Kids multivitamins + Lysine: S$21.52 (U.P. S$ 26.90)
  • Deep Heat Pain Relieving Rub Extra Strength, 94.4 g: S$ 10.00 (U.P. S$ 17.5)
  • Whisper Heavy and Overnight Flow Wings Sanitary Pads, 32 ct: S$7.70 (U.P: S$ 9.95)
  • Kotex Super Applicator Feminine Care Tampons 16 ct: S$ 5.70 (U.P: S$ 10.95)
  • Durex Invisible Condoms Extra Sensitive and Aloe Vera Intimate: S$ 19.69 (U.P S$ 30.30)

Mums and dads, why not try it out and let us know what you thought of the service? Also, tell us what your favourite buys were!

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(Source: Channel NewsAsia)

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