Amazing video: Mum delivers her own baby at hospital entrance

Amazing video: Mum delivers her own baby at hospital entrance

When British mummy Jessica Stubbins planned to give birth to her second child in the hospital...this is probably not what she had in mind!

When Jessica Stubbins was plotting out the delivery of her second child, she consciously made the decision to give birth at her local hospital. And, while she technically managed to do so, she surely never planned her delivery would go the way that it did.

Jessica and her husband Tom frantically rushed to the nearest hospital when she went into labor on July 31. The British couple hastily journeyed to the hospital and made it in the nick of time! Tom dropped Jessica off at the entrance of the hospital and–as they say–the rest was history.

As she crossed the threshold of the medical center, Jessica leaned against the doorway, bent over, and began to deliver her daughter Lucy!

After getting word of the amazing footage, U.K.’s Good Morning Britain sought out the couple. They featured the couple and their daughter on an episode of the show, and the two shared the full story behind Jessica’s unbelievable delivery!

Apparently, Jessica had previously visited the hospital that very day! During her first visit, she claims that she wasn’t very dilated, and that her contractions weren’t strong enough; she thought of it as a false alarm. Upon arriving back home, she said that her contractions began to escalate and the couple made their way back to the hospital.

When they returned to the hospital, Jessica claims that she knew it was time: “She was coming and there was no stopping her.”

In the breathtaking footage, you can clearly see Jessica delivering her child in the entrance of the hospital. Shortly after, Tom scurried into the hospital.


(Source: YouTube)

“It’s a girl! It’s a girl! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Jessica is heard shouting.

Tom recalled missing the incredible, and fleeting birth: “[Jessica] felt really guilty because I missed it. I was just in absolute shock and I didn’t know what was happening!”

After only being as far the parking lot, his wife gave birth in roughly a minute, and he missed the entire birth! “It was only about a hundred feet away and I missed it,” the proud father of two lamented.

Shortly after the delivery, Tom alerted the nurses who quickly sprung into action. They came to the aid of the stunned mother, and wheeled her away to a room.

If you want to see the amazing footage for yourself, check out the next page for the video in its entirety! Plus, hear what this couple had to say about the amazing delivery story!


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