5 amazing things my parents taught me about parenting

5 amazing things my parents taught me about parenting

Good parenting is oftentimes learned through one's own parents.

They say actions are louder than words. This sentence couldn’t be truer than in the case of children.Your child will follow all your examples, both good and bad. And, whether we’d like to admit it or not, our parents have had the biggest influence on our lives. So, when it’s our turn, the same things are going to happen. As a parent, I’ve faced many obstacles and shared many great memories, because my parents set the right examples for me. And, here are five of the most amazing things my parents taught me about good parenting.

1. Believe you’re a good parent

I grew up believing in myself and my ability to accomplish anything I set my mind to, including my budding parenting skills. I’ve also learned how to instill confidence in my children through my parents. Since they taught me to believe in my abilities and trust my instincts, I’ve passed these same traits to my kids. My parents showed me that even if there were mistakes along the way, it isn’t the end of the road. As I’ve grown, it’s been clear that the most of the challenges we face can be overcome, through belief in our abilities.

2. Good parenting is about always learning new things

Parenting is a dynamic role. It is constantly evolving and changing. My parents believed in constantly trying to improve themselves. Whether it was learning how to connect with me or constantly working on their parenting thoughts and ideas, they ensured that they were always on top of their game. Parenting has changed a lot since I was a child, but I apply the same principles to my kids.

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Find the parenting style that works best for you and your child.

3. Being strict is okay

The new focus in good parenting seems to be letting children get away with everything. Even if children misbehave, parents stand back and don’t take actions fearing negative implications of any correction. However, it’s important that you should draw a line. My parents, although lenient, knew where to draw the line, and when I had to be corrected. This has held me in good stead today.

4. Rewards in moderation are good

Kids these days have everything handed to them on a plate. They are given expensive toys and are rarely held accountable when they spoil or break something valuable. It’s important for a child to understand the value of things. In an age of instant gratification, effort, and hard work should be rewarded, this will not only teach them the value of hard work but also show them that given enough effort and with a little thought they can achieve anything they set their minds too. My parents were quick to reward any success from my side, but the reward was always proportional to what I achieved.

5. Devote enough time to your kids

While it’s important to make sure that your children are well-taken care off, and all their needs are provided for, that isn’t the most important thing. Your kids will benefit much more by spending time with you. Quality family time is golden. Studies have shown that children who spent enough time with their parents, and felt loved were more likely to develop into successful adults and have working families. My parents, as busy as they were made sure that they spent enough time with me. They were devoted family evenings were anything other than family took a backseat. They were never afraid to share their love for each other and me.

As parents, we have a responsibility to bring our children up in the best possible way. As we go about this we also subtly pay tribute to our parents and their legacy. What good parenting lessons did you learn from your parents?

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Written by

Aradhana Pandey

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