One 'Ah Meng-zing' reason to visit Singapore Zoo this June!

One 'Ah Meng-zing' reason to visit Singapore Zoo this June!

Head to Singapore Zoo this June to meet the new Ah Meng, and take in a range of exciting activities for the whole family...

If you are a true Singaporean, then you need no introduction to Singapore Zoo’s iconic poster girl Ah Meng.

Now, a new Ah Meng has been chosen as the face of Singapore Zoo, in honour of the original iconic Sumatran orangutan.

She is none other than four-year-old Ishta, who will take on her famous grandmother’s name.

Say ‘hello’ to a new icon in the making!

If you and your family would love to meet the new Ah Meng and her animal friends, then you must head to Singapore Zoo during the June school holidays.

From the 4th to the 26th of June every weekend, Singapore Zoo has an amazing (or “Ah Meng-zing”, as we like to say!) range of super-fun activities, especially for your family.

What’s more, the zoo will be decorated with adorable Ah Meng illustrations and your kids will just love the zoo’s super-cool rainforest theme.

Here are some not-to-be-missed activities to be enjoyed this June, only at the Singapore Zoo:

Zoolympix 2016: Be a Wildlife Zooperhero

Zoolympics 1

Little Zooperheroes will take on a series of fun challenges and games in the Zoolympix.

Your children will get to transform into wildlife ‘Zooperheroes’ in this multi-station based trail challenge across the park, held in conjunction with Education Kids.

In this thrilling adventure, kids will complete tasks and challenges around the park, while learning about conserving wildlife.

Once they complete a task, they’ll get a stamp in their trail booklet. And upon completion of the booklet, your kids will get to take part in a sure-win lucky dip!

Date: 4-12, 18, 19, 25, 26 June

Time: 10am – 4pm (last registration time is 3.30pm)

A token fee of $2 is required to purchase the booklet

Ah Meng-zing crafts

Zoolympix 3

Kids will really enjoy the various art and craft activities that await them

Crafty little ones are definitely going to love taking part in the range of art and craft activities planned out at the Singapore Zoo, especially for them.

Here’s what they can take part in:

  • Finger puppet making: Your child will get to make animal friends that perfectly fit his little fingers, and put on a mini puppet show just for you and his friends.
  • Bottlecap magnet making: Little ones will be taught how to make unique magnets out of bottlecaps — perfect for hanging up that picture with Ah Meng on your fridge for a memory never to be forgotten!
  • Bookmark making: Here’s one for all tiny bookworms, who’ll get to add a dash of animal fun to their reading adventures.
  • Mask Making: Kids will get to Doodle-It-Yourself on a mask and show it off to their friends in school.

Venue: Pavilion next to Rainforest Kidzworld

Time: 10am-4pm

Animal Enrichment Sessions

Animal Enrichment

Your kids are bound to enjoy seeing how zookeepers interact with their animals

Has your child ever wondered how zoo keepers interact with animals? Now, they’ll get to witness this first-hand as keepers engage their animals with special toys to hone their primal instincts.

These sessions will be held at various venues around the zoo, and you can refer to on-site activity signage for times.

Chit-chat with Orang Utans’ keeper

Chit-chat with Orang Utans' keeper

If your kid has ever wondered what it’s like taking care of an orang utan, this is the perfect chance for them to ask all their questions from an expert!

They’ll get to learn all about the quirks and personalities of Singapore Zoo’s orang utan family from their friendly animal keepers!

Venue: Free-Ranging Orang Utan Exhibit

Time: 11.30am, 12.30pm 4.00pm

Wild Snaps


“Say Ah Meng”!

Your children will love this mascot meet & greet session with Ah Meng and her friends, where they’ll get to also snap a photo with their favourite, larger-than-life animal mascot.

Venue: Zoo Entrance Plaza

Time: 10am, 12pm, 4pm (30 minute sessions)

Ah Meng-zing Hairdo Instagram contest

Have you, your child or a family member got gorgeous crazy hair that looks just like Ah Meng’s?

All you need to do then, to win some Ah Meng-zing prizes, is post a photo of the family member with the crazy Ah Meng hair-do on Instagram, using the hashtags #ahmenghairdo and #singaporezoo.

You could stand the chance of winning four weekly mini prizes (a pair of Singapore Zoo tickets and a small Ah Meng plush toy), or the grand prize which is a pair of Singapore Zoo tickets, Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife for two, Wild Discoverer Tour for two and a medium Ah Meng plush toy.

Parents, here’s a reminder of the dates you need to mark on your calendar now: 4 -26 June 2016 (every weekend). 

You can also check out the following website for more information:

Don’t forget to drop us a note in the comment box below and tell us all about your Ah-Meng-zing time at the Singapore Zoo this June Holidays!

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