14-Month Old Baby Suffers Serious Burns From Aerosol Sunscreen

14-Month Old Baby Suffers Serious Burns From Aerosol Sunscreen

After her 14-month-old daughter suffered serious burns because of supposedly safe aerosol sunscreen, one mum has this important warning...

During these hot months, mums and dads want to make sure their babies get the right sun protection. But did you know that even baby-safe formulations have their hazards? One mum has taken to social media to warn us about aerosol sunscreen dangers not many people know about.

Mum’s Warning About Aerosol Sunscreen Dangers Is a Must-Read for Parents

“Please watch and be careful when using aerosolized sunscreen! I have done a lot of research since coming home (from the hospital) and have found a disturbing amount of cases like ours. I don’t know why it’s not removed from the shelves,” writes the mum in a Facebook post, which has been shared over 800 times. 

aerosol sunscreen dangers

The mum took to Facebook to share about aerosol sunscreen dangers and to update everyone that her little girl is doing fine. | Screenshot: Rebecca Cannon Facebook page 

She recounted how she used Banana Boat SPF 50 broad spectrum kids sunscreen on her 14-month-old daughter, Kyla. Despite being marketed as safe for babies aged six months and above, the sunscreen had horrible side effects. Her baby girl’s face had been severely burned. 

aerosol sunscreen dangers

The 14-month-old suffered serious burns. Now her mum wants to warn everyone about aerosol sunscreen dangers. | Image courtesy: Rebecca Cannon Facebook page

Thankfully, no lasting damage resulted. And now, more and more mums and dads are becoming increasingly aware of aerosol sunscreen dangers.

aerosol sunscreen dangers

Sunscreen Protection Tips for Kids

When choosing a sunscreen for your kids, remember the following important guidelines. 

1. Choose One with UVB and UVA Protection SPF 30 or More

During a hot summer’s day, your kid needs extra Ultra Violet B (UVB) and Ultra Violet A (UVA) protection. In general, SPF 30 sunscreen will be enough for kids, but if your child has fairer skin they need one with SPF 50. Make sure your sunscreen is broad-spectrum!

2. It’s Important to Choose One that Has Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide

The names of these substances might sound quite harsh, but as far as sunscreen ingredients go, they’re actually the safest. Take caution if the sunscreen contains oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate. Ask your child’s doctor about the dangers of these chemicals. 

aerosol sunscreen dangers

Protect your child from aerosol sunscreen dangers by choosing the best sunscreen and by consulting their paediatrician. | Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Make Sure the Sunscreen Is Smooth in Texture

Steer clear of sticky sunscreen that might irritate your child’s skin. Choose one that has no residue and doesn’t leave skin looking rough. Note that coloured and scented sunscreens don’t necessarily cause irritation to a child’s sensitive skin.

How Should You Apply Sunscreen on Your Kids?

  • Make sure to apply sunscreen on them 15 to 30 minutes before they head outside. 
  • Apply it generously, not forgetting often overlooked areas. Remember BEENS —back of knees, ears, eye area, neck, and scalp. 
  • Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen as instructed, to avoid extreme sunburn. Reapply after every two hours when outdoors, or after less than that time if they’re swimming. 
  • Remember: Even waterproof sunscreen wears off!
  • If you’re using spray sunscreen, cover your child’s face while applying. You can also ask him to hold his breath by asking him to copy a funny face you’re making! 


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