Hiring a private investigator in Singapore

Hiring a private investigator in Singapore

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hiring a private investigator

Read on for some great tips on hiring a private investigator in Singapore

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Hiring a private investigator is a situation most of us hope that we never land ourselves in due to the negative connotation involved. After all, people usually only think of hiring a private investigator because their spouse is cheating on them or someone important is missing.

Unfortunately, some people are compelled by circumstances to consider hiring a private investigator but what they often realise is that it is very difficult to find a good private investigator in Singapore. Thus, in order to make your life slightly easier, here is some advice on hiring a private investigator in Singapore.

Advice on hiring a private investigator        

1. Ensure that the private investigator has a good reputation

It is imperative for anyone thinking about hiring a private investigator to do thorough research first. Do not believe everything the private investigator tells you. Browse through online forums or find a good private investigation firm through referrals or a lawyer. You will soon realise that some firms have a very bad reputation and it is best to avoid these particular firms.

Furthermore, different firms specialise in different cases so it is best to ensure that when hiring a private investigator in Singapore, they are experienced in handling similar cases to yours.

Hiring a private investigator

Is it worth it for you to hire a private investigator?

2. Do not get ripped off by the private investigator

The fact that there is no pricing benchmark in the private investigation industry puts consumers at a particular disadvantage. A common practice in the industry is to charge customers according to the duration of the investigation. A deposit ranging from 50-80 per cent is also usually required.

Prices can range anywhere from S$200-$4,000 for a day’s surveillance. Thus, in order to prevent yourself from getting ripped off, check out the different prices offered by the different firms so that you are aware when you are being overcharged.

Also, you should be entitled to a refund for the time that was not used for the investigation. You can demand a report from the firm to account for how they spent their time. Reputable firms will usually comply with such a request.

3. No guaranteed result

It is important to bear in mind that there is no guarantee that your investment in the private investigation firm will pay off. Hiring a private investigator in Singapore is a risky business as the investigation might yield nothing due to reasons, such as insufficient time. Thus, consider carefully whether the cost of hiring a private investigator is worth the risk.

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The Good Private Investigators

The Good Private Investigators

We have taken the liberty to browse through some online forums in order to figure out just which firms are the most reputable in Singapore. Please remember that our findings are not concrete and you should conduct your own research before hiring a private investigator.

Our preliminary research yielded two private investigation firms which seem to have gotten some favourable reviews. They are:

1. DP Quest

Contact details: Telephone: Main office (+65) 6333 3315, Branch office: (+65) 6533 3219, 24-Hour hotline: English: (+65) 63344889, Mandarin: (+65) 6333 3398

2. Simmon Security & Investigation Services Pte. Ltd.

Contact details: Phone: +65 6296 9678

Have you ever run into a situation where you had to hire an extra eye to look over your personal matters? If so, how did it turn out? We’d love to hear feedback from you!

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