Adrian and Tracie Pang reveal HOW they raise creative children!

Adrian and Tracie Pang reveal HOW they raise creative children!

Adrian and Tracie Pang may be Singapore's power couple but their parenting styles are something every parent would want to emulate...!

If you think celebrity kids lead an easy, luxurious life, think again. In fact, they probably have it tougher than normal kids, what with the constant scrutiny and pressure to match up to their parents’ success.

These days, social media has been instrumental in bridging the gap between celebrities and normal folk. We now realise that the more we know our Singaporean celebrities, the more they are like us, especially when dealing with their kids and disciplining them.

Adrian and Tracie Pang reveal their parenting styles

Take the case of Adrian and Tracie Pang. This Singapore power couple, also parents to 2 teenage boys, Zack and Xander, aged 17 and 16, have been rather open about their parenting strategies. Here is how they are raising their kids to be creative, global citizens:

  • Encourage your child’s passion: Looks like both Zack and Xander have inherited their parents’ passion for theatre and drama. They have performed in plays like Spring Awakening, The Full Monty and Crazy Christmas, and earlier on in TV shows on Okto as well.

As parents, we need to support our kids in their interests and hobbies, and it’s great that the Pangs are giving their kids the exposure they deserve, from a young age.

  • Focus on priorities: According to Today, though both kids are keen to enroll in drama school, mummy Tracie Pang has emphasised that they would have to focus on their International Baccalaureate exams first, following which, they would have to go through National Service.

We totally agree that a good education empowers you, and makes you strong enough to look after yourself in any given situation!

Adrian and Tracie Pang reveal HOW they raise creative children!


  • Encourage your child to ask questions: It’s not surprising that creativity runs in the household. Tracie Pang has been quoted as saying, “I don’t think that was purposefully done but it’s just the nature of the way we are as a couple, the way we work. We encourage them to ask questions and be pro-active in thinking about stuff, and that creates a creative mind.”

In fact, these parents have been cool about their kids’ questions on sex as well, and have never shied away from talking about the birds and the bees. As Adrian Pang told theAsianparent once, “Communication is a major pillar of our family structure. We genuinely TALK with one another about our day, about how we are feeling, what we’re thinking…”

  • Teach them independence: These parents are also making sure they go the extra mile when it comes to making their children self-reliant. In fact, ever since their kids got into their teens, they have not had a maid!

Mummy Pang has been quoted as saying, “We felt that we wanted them to learn … what it’s like to actually do stuff for yourselves. I have taught them to cook so they can fend for themselves when they are at home alone (during rehearsal and performance periods when we are not at home at night). They often cook spaghetti Bolognese, and recently, Zack cooked himself pan fried salmon.”

Adrian and Tracie Pang reveal HOW they raise creative children!


Daddy Pang agrees, “I think it’s important to equip one’s children with the mental and emotional tools to deal with life’s hard knocks. There’s only so much that you can do to protect your children for all their lives.”

Teaching children to do their chores on their own empowers them and makes them more confident. This will enhance their decision making abilities, and will teach them to not be afraid to fail, or think out of the box.

  • Broaden their horizons: Daddy Adrian Pang has told theAsianparent earlier that, “As far as my two boys are concerned — they are lucky to be growing up in Singapore and being exposed to as many different ways of life as possible. I want them to become ‘citizens of the world’.”

Indeed. When you give your children opportunities to experience new cultures and new environments, their curiosity and creative juices start flowing.

Adrian and Tracie Pang reveal HOW they raise creative children!


  • Emphasise on character and values: Your values determine your choices in life. Adrian Pang once told us that he has only these 5 words to tell his sons when it came to advice, “Respect. Reason. Responsibility. Right & Wrong. Renewal.”

And in the end, love and gratitude matters too, and they form the backbone of every family.  Daddy Adrian sums it up rather nicely when he says, “I hope that they learn to treasure each other even more than they already do, that they continue to love and protect each other as brothers, and that we will always stick together as a family no matter what life throws at us.”

“We have to be grateful for the light in our own lives and do what you can to share that light with others.”

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(Source: Today)

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