Adorably baffled baby mistakes dad for his twin brother 

Adorably baffled baby mistakes dad for his twin brother 

"Who's that?"

A baffled baby has been drawing Awwws all over the internet because of this clip posted on Youtube which shows him struggling to identify who his “Dada” is when he meets his dad Steven’s identical twin after meeting Michael for the first time.

The 16-month-old New Yorker was recently placed in the care of his uncle, Michael Ratpojanakul (in white).

Even though tots beyond a year old are usually able to recognise their parents’ faces, it’s easy to see why Reed has trouble.

As he is passed back and forth between his uncle and his dad, his answer to “Who’s dada?” changes as well. He keeps pointing to the Ratpojanakul brother who isn’t carrying him.

“Reed isn’t used to me wearing glasses, and in his confusion he kept reaching back and forth between me and Michael,” Stephen told Buzzfeed.

Michael's wife Caryn filmed the video. "She actually introduced Stephen to his wife," reveals Michael to TODAY parents. "Stephen and I are twins, and so is his wife Carroll and her sister, Katie."

Michael asserts that Reed never gets confused. But the video was filmed after he had been baby-sat by aunt Caryn and uncle Michael for five hours. 

When they stopped filming, Reed finally made the right guess and remained in Stephen's arms, knowing for sure he was his real 'Dada'.

"The reaction has been almost universally positive," said Michael of the adorable viral video. "It's made people smile, and that makes us all really happy."

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