Adding nutritional supplements to your child's diet can cut hearing loss, says study

Adding nutritional supplements to your child's diet can cut hearing loss, says study

A new study by the Michigan University, US, suggests that you can reduce your child's genetic hearing loss if you add nutritional supplements to his diet

If your child is suffering from hearing loss due to genetic abnormality, a new research suggests that you can curb it by enhancing his regular diet.

What the study says

The study, conducted by the Michigan University, US, says that inclusion of (precursor of) vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and magnesium can slow the progression of hereditary deafness. The enhanced diet works in slowing the progress of hearing loss and significantly but in small proportions improves hearing thresholds.

Yehoash Raphael, professor at the Michigan University, US, and author of the study, released a statement saying, "Our findings suggest that a particular high dose of mineral and vitamin supplements may be beneficial to one genetic mutation." This genetic mutation named Connexin 26 gene is responsible for genetic hearing loss. 

The World Health Organisation in one of its reports says that instance of children with hearing loss has been increasing substantially. Their report suggests that around 32 million children worldwide suffer from hearing loss.

Diet for hearing loss

Although genetic loss of hearing is a difficult and gradual process to get over with, you can make small changes in your child's lifestyle to slow its progression. As the study suggests, begin with a small and balanced diet with ample amount of minerals, vitamins and even complex carbohydrates.

  • Try to add more warming foods, like organic chicken
  • Add sesame seeds (til), eggs, dals, walnuts, ginger, fish and even lotus seeds in your child's diet
  • Avoid cold and raw foods and even cold beverages as coldness constricts the eustachian tubes (auditory tube)
  • Avoid saturated fats and eliminate greasy and fried foods
  • Avoid dairy products since they have the tendency to increase mucus production. In fact, studies suggest that many patients with hearing loss were found with protein deposits (that are similar to milk) in their ear.

Yoga for hearing loss

Experts suggest that yoga can also help lower the progression of hearing loss in children. A book by Dr Hua Ching-Ni titled, Attune your body with Dao-In, lists the various yoga positions and exercises for hearing loss. He suggests the following exercises:

  • Sit straight on s sturdy chair with your arms on your legs and your head titled slightly forward. Now breathe slowly and rhythmically, inhaling and exhaling long breaths.
  • Cover each ear with your palm with fingers of each hand facing each other on the back of your head
  • Place your middle finger on top of your index finger and strike the depression at the back of your head. Repeat this 36 times, and continue breathing.
  • Tilt your head down and continue to breathe, inhaling and exhaling heavily.      

Dr Ching-Ni, in his book, states that these exercises when repeated on a daily basis can help with hearing loss and also recedes anxiety.


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