Abandoned Newborn In Cebu, Philippines Rescued By A Stray Dog

Abandoned Newborn In Cebu, Philippines Rescued By A Stray Dog

Reports say the stray dog found the baby floating in a nearby river with a pile of garbage.

In thePhilippines, a stray dog became a hero after rescuing an abandoned newborn, proving that dogs really are man’s best friend — even from birth!

According to Sun Star, the dog found the baby wrapped in a white cloth, on a pile of floating garbage under stilt houses in Sitio Camansi, Barangay Pajo.

Abandoned Newborn Still Had Her Umbilical Cord and Placenta Intact

Reports say the baby girl’s placenta and umbilical cord were still intact when the neighbourhood association president Vilma Toring noticed the dog pulling the baby out of the garbage. 

Local authorities scoured the neighbourhood to find the baby’s parents, but as of this writing, there have been no updates.

The newborn was brought to Lapu-Lapu City Hospital immediately.

abandoned newborn in cebu

Screenshot: Kenshin Gitgano Facebook page

What Should You Do if You Stumbled upon an Abandoned Baby?

Yes, this is rare, but it can happen. All over the world, thousands of babies are abandoned each year. It could be because of an unwanted pregnancy, or a birth defect, for instance. Whatever the reason, it is truly saddening.

Though the baby above was fortunate that the kind animal spotted her, not all little ones are so lucky. A few years back, an abandoned baby died after being dumped in a mall restroom in Laguna. Countless other cases of abandoned babies end in tragedy.

As of 2016, the Philippines has 1.8 million children who have been abandoned and have yet to be adopted. This number rises each year, with many abandoned children growing up in foster care.

If you do come across an abandoned child, here’s what you should do:

1. Keep them cool or warm

The first thing you should do if you do stumble upon an abandoned baby is to make sure they’re comfortable. Who knows how long they’ve been in the cold or heat? So depending on the climate, either bundle them up or bring them into the shade.

2. Make sure they have no serious injuries

Before moving them, though, you should also make sure that they have suffered no injuries. If, for instance, they have a neck injury, then chances are you shouldn’t move them so as not to risk further damage. Signs of this type of injury are bruising or swelling in the neck or crying uncontrollably when moved.

3. Bring them to the nearest clinic or hospital

Once you’re sure that they’re safe to move, rush them to the nearest clinic for medical attention. Some health centres are also equipped with tools and provisions to administer first aid as well.

4. Call the authorities

After you have tended to the baby’s health, report what happened to the authorities. Either the Singapore Police Force or Ministry of Social and Family Development can help in cases of abandoned children.

Source: Sun Star

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