A weekly sex date!

A weekly sex date!

Learn how you can spice up your relationship with a weekly sex date.

A weekly sex date!Intimacy is a very important part of any marriage which not only leads to emotional and physical bonding between a couple but also keeps them from straying. It is also very easy to get into a set routine which can get ritualistic and boring after a few years. One way of spicing up your sex life and make it exciting is by setting up a weekly sex date. You will now have something to look forward to every week.

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If you want to feel sexy and charged up on your intimate date, indulge yourself so that you feel sexy from the inside. You could wear some sexy outfit, put on some special perfume which will have him turned on or get your hair done in a special way. Create an ambience in the room by lighting scented candles, rose petals etc. Let your imagination and creativity run wild on this special night.

There are a lot of activities that you can do to entice your partner. Perhaps you can give each other sensual massages or go through some sensual books such as the Kamasutra together. You could play small games together. Focus on the pleasure and enjoyment rather than on whether you are doing it right. Check out our sex position series.

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You will find that a few great rounds of sex during your sex dates are so much better than those erstwhile boring, passionless daily routines. If you have kids, get a nanny for the special time but make an effort to keep this date.

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