Have a tweet-ful time at Jurong Bird Park

Have a tweet-ful time at Jurong Bird Park

Tweet away with your little ones at Jurong Bird Park, the largest of such in the Asia Pacific and considered one of the finest bird parks in the world!

Jurong Bird Park

This June, there is no better time to visit the park with the several on-going promotions, including unlimited year-long entry for members at the price of a one-day ticket.

Come have a tweet-ful time with your little ones at Jurong Bird Park, the largest of its kind in Asia. Spread over 20.2 hectares, Jurong Bird Park is home to more than 5,000 birds across 400 species. It offers visitors an experience that is entertaining as well as educational.

As part of the SG50 celebrations, Jurong Bird Park is celebrating a time of inter-generational bonding, by inviting kids, parents and grandparents to come together and enjoy some quality family time. Singaporean senior citizens aged 60 years and above enjoy the benefits of the Lao Jiao promotion. Wherein they get free admission to Jurong Bird Park and enjoy $2 off their tram rides from 30 May to 30 June 2015

While there is so much to do and see that repeat visits are warranted, here are our picks of the not-to-be-missed experiences, especially this June:

Be enthralled at the Waterfall Aviary

Step into the Waterfall Aviary and instantly be transported to another enigmatic and enchanting world. One where you walk through rainforest paths and along mangrove swamps as over 600 birds fly freely around you. As you hike your way to the 30-metre high man-made indoor waterfall (a startling feature in itself) you will find yourself catching glimpses of Turacos, Rollers, Common Hoopoe, Parrots, Yellow-billed Stork as well as the elusive Crested Guinea Fowls.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see some of these resplendent creatures up close at the feeding times.


Take the kids to participate in the Kampong story telling sessions for sure!

Special June weekend attraction: Kids get a chance to participate in an interactive Kampong story telling session, where the good old times come alive. They will also have the chance to try out a game of Five Stones, a favourite playtime activity of yesteryears. They could also spend some time making their own feathered friends at the Arts and Crafts booth.

Birds of Prey

Be fascinated by the strength and agility of the birds of prey

Watch the birds of prey at Kings of the Skies

The sharp beaked raptors with razor sharp claws can leave you in complete awe at the Kings of Skies show. Watch as the trainers demonstrate the natural hunting instincts of predatory birds such as White-tailed Sea Eagle, the Hooded Vulture and the Harris’s Hawk. Meet the parade of our twilight friends, the Malay Fish Owl, the Eurasian Eagle Owl and the Spotted Wood Owl.

If you are feeling particularly brave stick your hand up and chance being picked to try your hand at falconry!

Read on to find out about how to make the most of your trip to the Jurong Bird Park…


The Lory Loft is a huge hit with the kids

Get Lofty with the Lories

The Lories are extremely friendly and gregarious birds, and the free flying ones in the Jurong Bird Park’s Lory Loft are no exception. Stand still, and soon you will see balls of red, yellow, green and blue fluttering by and if you are very lucky, a couple may even decide to perch on your shoulders. The birds are fearless, and the kids are delighted to see how bold the Lories are.


Don’t miss out on seeing these ‘royal’ birds.

Visit the Penguin Coast

These tuxedoed birds are as fascinating in their stillness as they are in their unbelievably smooth underwater dives. At the Penguin Coast you have the opportunity to see 4 species of penguins up close: the Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni and the majestic King Penguin. While these penguins are housed in a climate controlled indoor enclosure, their cousins the African Penguins, otherwise known as Jackass Penguins, are housed in an outdoor enclosure because they are one of the few species that has adapted to the tropics.

Children are going to enjoy redeeming their coupons at the Tikam TIkam stall

Children are going to enjoy redeeming their coupons at the Tikam-Tikam station

Special June weekend attraction: Kids can put their best foot forward in a game of Chapteh, a favourite of grandparents back in their younger days. Children are also going to enjoy redeeming their coupons at the Tikam-Tikam station.

baby bird

Come and learn about these creatures of the sky .

Catch a Lesson on Life at the Breeding and Research Centre

At the Breeding & Research Centre, you get the chance to go behind the scenes and get a first hand glimpse into the life-cycle of some of the birds who call Jurong Bird Park home. The moment eggs arrive at the BRC, up to the time chicks hatch and are weaned, they are hand-raised by the Centre’s officers. Although the centre has been around for over 25 years, it is only recently that it has been opened up to walk-in public viewing. So don’t miss the chance to watch the “bird nannies” in action as they go from watching over eggs, to feeding the new borns and finally weaning them and helping them acclimatize to their environment.

Special June weekend attraction: After the educational tour, kids can have a bit of fun at the Hopscotch station on June weekends.

snakes and ladders

On June weekends children can have a go at playing on the giant snakes and ladders board.

Cool down at Birdz of Play

Kids can splash around and have some fun at Birdz of Play. The bird-themed playground has both wet and dry play areas. You can sit back and just let your toddlers play for hours in the shallow pool, while the older kids run around the water features and wait under the giant tipping bucket for the ultimate soak experience.

Special June weekend attraction: More games for the children this holiday weekends. Take a turn at the Flying Bird Glider game station or have a go on the life-size Snakes & Ladders board!

Address: 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925
(off Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim)

Getting there:
Car/Taxi: Take Exit 17 on the AYE, or Exit 36 on the PIE. Turn left into Jalan Bahar towards the direction of Jalan Boon Lay. Turn right at Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim to reach the BirdPark.
MRT: Take the MRT to Boon Lay Station and transfer to SBS number 194 or 251 at the Boon Lay Bus Interchange.
SBS buses:  194 and 251

Operating hours: 8.30AM to 6PM (Last ticket sale at 5.30PM)

Tickets: Adult $28; Children $18; Senior Citizen $12. Find out about special offers before purchasing tickets.

Find out more about what’s on at Jurong Bird Park’s Facebook page.




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