A Powerful Ride for the Powerful Mum

A Powerful Ride for the Powerful Mum

Hardworking mums demand something special when it comes to the car they drive: safety, space, performance and style. Does such a car exist? The answer is a resounding yes! Meet the Volkswagen Sharan...

When you became a mum, it was an instant life-changer, without doubt. Your priorities changed and your life began to revolve around your family. Motherhood affects everything – the work you choose to accept, the number of hours you sleep, and even the car you choose to drive. And because you’re a 21st century mum, you’re definitely not going to settle for a frumpy mum-wagon that robs you of your identity. If you’re tearing your hair out over what car is best, we think we’ve found the perfect answer – the Volkswagen Sharan.

Yes, the mum-wagon is dead. You no longer need to drive a car that feels like a school bus.  Made with demanding mums in mind, the Sharan is made for your needs: a daring, modern and versatile 7-seater that is spacious, safe and powerful.


A Powerful Ride for the Powerful Mum


Flexibility is Your Secret Weapon

It’s simply more for less, but you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. While it’s stylish enough to match you, don’t be misled by its sleek shape. There are no compromises when it comes to the more-than-generous interior space.

Firstly, in recognition of your needs as a mum, much thought has been given to your young ones. The second row comes with two integrated child seats that are fully retractable when not in use. There are also individual Isofix safety points to attach child seats. You can rest assured knowing your little ones are cradled in comfort and safety.

The adjustable child seats are just the beginning. The Sharan also comes with seven large, individually adjustable and foldable seats to ensure there’s more than enough space for everyone to get comfortable. And that includes even the extended family members! Here’s the icing on the cake – each seat comes with its own air-conditioning control to suit individual preferences.

The Sharan made for mums like you, no matter what task your throw at it. It’s simply unbeatable when it comes to utility.

The three individual seats in the second row can slide, recline and even fold away individually to suit your needs for the day. Go for a full 7-seater configuration when driving around the kids with their friends. Or when you’re on a grocery run, fold flat all seats to offer a huge 711 litres of space. The electric sliding rear doors open wide for easy access, and the child lock can be activated or deactivated with the touch of a switch. The Sharan has got you covered no matter what your needs.

Here’s a bonus: Take your mum friends out and enjoy a road trip with the panoramic sunroof!


A Powerful Ride for the Powerful Mum

An ideal system for children between three and twelve years of age (15 to 36 kg) is the optimised Volkswagen Genuine child safety seat system “G2-3 ISOFIT” with a removable backrest.

Packed with Safety Features

When it comes to driving with children, safety is always of paramount importance. Do that daily school run in peace knowing that the Sharan has a 5-star rating in the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP). Your family is also well-protected by the wide range of driver assistance systems that the Sharan comes with – it’s a godsend for tired, distracted mums!

With Park Assist, the Sharan manoeuvres into and out of tight parallel parking spaces with ease, and what’s more, it can also handle parking in perpendicular spaces with multiple manoeuvres. To protect your family from other risks, Side Assist helps you to keep an eye on blindspots while the ESP system keeps the Sharan stable in emergencies when you are no longer able to react. 

It all adds up to a reliable safety system for unforeseen circumstances. Even when exhaustion gets the better of you, this emphasis on safety lets you focus on what’s important: your children!

A Powerful Ride for the Powerful Mum


Reduced Fuel Consumption, Without Compromising on Power

Because you’re a powerful woman, the Sharan offers you that extra power you need. The days of the minivan with poor performance and dismal fuel consumption are long over.

Its 2.0-litre engine and 320Nm of torque is impressively refined on the move. Paired with the TSI technology, it gives a blend of effortless performance and respectable fuel economy. It’s no wonder why they call it a bigger Volkswagen Golf with seven seats – and that’s a good thing because you get to enjoy high performance without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Volkswagen Sharan is made for the urban mum’s demanding lifestyle! It’s big and powerful to suit the life you lead. It really is anything you want it to be. Who says driving a 7-seater can’t look and feel good?

Log on to the website for more information. Book a test drive today. Words just don’t do justice to the full Sharan experience!

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Written by

Nasreen Majid

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