A letter from a dad to his wife ahead of their 10th anniversary

A letter from a dad to his wife ahead of their 10th anniversary

Sweet and funny, this "letter to my wife" by a gadget-loving husband will definitely make your day.

Dear Mary,

Nine years ago, I made the most important decision in my life. One that will impact the rest of my life and supposedly make me a happier man, happily ever after.

If gravitation force is 10−38 (read 10 to the power of 38), your force is 10−380, 10 times stronger. You kept me grounded on many occasions, especially when I thought of buying gadgets. Like a lawyer interrogating her client,you would ask me to list all the features that I love about the new gadgets.

Although I graduated more than a decade ago,  I would find myself akin going back in the classroom for an exam on those occasions. Of course, if you would recall, I failed badly for most of these exams administered by you no matter how well I prepared for my cases.

On a few occasions, I passed but not without several appeals. Your force again came to play when I suggested to get a car. We have seven members in the family so I thought I would be doing everyone a service if I could get a seven-seater MPV. I must have lost count the number of failures for this exam to the extent that I feel your reply is almost scripted.

For my last attempt about a few months back,you calmly remarked ,” Do you enjoy driving meh? The MRT system is so efficient now with the blue, red, green lines lah. Now we can even take a train and reach Botanic garden at its doorstep. Moreover, our house is just three minutes walk away from the MRT station. It is already very convenient liao.” No question asked. Immediate failure for me.

You are a pragmatic person. You do not see a need to buy luxury handbags or shoes. The only thing that you ask from me is that we should spend quality time together and try to have an overseas vacation at least once a year.

The key word here is not vacation. Instead it is TRY. What this means is that we will only go to places that we can afford without lugging on excessive debts after the vacations.

Nine years have passed. We have been through so much together. I am grateful for all that you have done for the family and all the money saved from the above and many other examples, for rainy days. I know it is not easy to stay with my mama who happens to be the most difficult mum-in-law in this universe. I will stand by your side at all times as long you don’t counter her nagging. Haha!

No doubt, because of you, I have been a happier man since that day. I am writing this down in Facebook so that it will help to remind us of our 10th anniversary next year. Talking about reliance on technology!

Happy anniversary !

Btw, heard Sony will be launching their new cameras. There will be an exam for you to invigilate soon.

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Written by

Tan Chin Hock

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